“All That! For This?” – Phil Salazar and the Kinfolk

By Phoebe Leigh-Suelflow

The pandemic has kept us sheltering in place this year instead of going to festivals and hearing the bands we love. Fortunately for us, Phil Salazar and the Kinfolk has released a new album that we can enjoy while we’re keeping safe at home.

“All That! For This?” is the Ventura band’s seventh recording in 35 years. In addition to Phil, the band includes Bill Knopf on banjo, Tom Corbett on mandolin, Bill Flores on dobro and accordion, Rick Borella on bass and Elizabeth Rizor on fiddle.  

Phil’s solos are breath-taking, light, frenetic—as needed.  The unexpected licks and fills fit each song perfectly. The twin fiddle parts are so harmonious you’d think it’s a single fiddle. The songs include “If I Lose, “Pickaway”, the Dillards’ “There is a Time”, Kate Wolf’s “All He Ever Saw Was You” and “Little Maggie”.

Bob Wills’ “Ding Dong Daddy” sums it up. Phil may be a Ding Dong Daddy from Oxnard, but listen to the song’s ending to appreciate his ability to merge music genres.  And that is just what the band is—a unique mix of traditional music with some rock, blues, country, jazz, Irish, and pop thrown in to keep it interesting.