Annual Membership Meeting on October 17, 2020

On one evening each Fall, CBA members from across California gather together to hear updates on Association activities, chat with the CBA President and Board and learn the results of the annual election.  

Traditionally, this annual Membership Meeting has been part of the CBA October Campout, so it has been accompanied by a tasty dinner, friendly camaraderie, and lively jamming.

This year, of course, everything is different. Our 2020 Annual Meeting will be by web conference on Saturday October 17 at 6:00pm PDT. While not as personal, this format might make it easier for you to join from the comfort of your own home. We’ll not only be announcing the election results for your new Board members, but you’ll have a chance to hear quick reports on all CBA activities.

The evening will include presentations of the 2020 awards for Bill and Faye Downs Volunteer Award and 2020 inductees of new Lifetime Members. Naturally, there will also be time for music, with performances from CBA members throughout California performing a few songs between all the talking.  

This will be an interactive event, with an opportunity for you to thank the performers, and ask questions of the Board.  To connect to the meeting just go to the CBA YouTube channel at or the CBA Facebook page at