Bert’s Trivia Question

Banjo pickers are on everyone’s minds these days with the recent passing of the granddaddy of them all, Earl Scruggs. This month I’m looking for the name of a banjo picker whose best known song was a lament to lost love and lost youth. After being unsuccessfully shopped as a potential bluegrass tune to Bill Monroe and Ralph Stanley, the song reached new heights when it was recorded by a bluegrass group in the early seventies.

Good luck and remember: send your proposed answer to me directly [email protected] Don’t post your answer on the message board. You are welcome to make general comments for the good of all and if you want to guess, that’s fine too. You can always submit an answer for credit if you can figure it out. I’ll give a hint if no one gets close after a week or so. You might want to keep checking the message board on this one.

Winning answers are eligible for a drawing to award a festival tee shirt.