Board Meeting Synopsis–04/2019

Chair Geoff Sargent called the meeting to order at 10:05 am on Saturday April 13 at the CBA Spring Campout, Lodi Grape Festival & Harvest Fairgrounds, 413 E. Lockeford St., Lodi, CA.   
Board Members Present:  Bruce Campbell, Dave Gooding, Mark Hogan, Chuck Hurd, Steve Ladonga, Geoffrey Sargent. Larry Phegley participated by phone. 
Board Members Absent:  Patrick Campbell, Brandon Godman, Kara Kundert 
Officers, Coordinators and Members Present:  Dave Berry, Ron Dale, Montie Elston, John Erwin, Mikki Feeney, Jim Fissori, Colleen Hogan, Ted Kuster, Deb Livermore, Charlene Sims, S.C. “Slim” Sims, Frank Solivan, Sr. 
The agenda was approved with two additions. 
The March 10, 2019 minutes were approved as written. 
–Frank Solivan requested a family comp for a couple and their grandson from Alaska. 
–John Erwin reported that he is getting advance mail-in ticket orders from a lot of new people. He suggested posting the welcome letter on the website and having copies at the gate. 
–FDF t-shirts and advertising cards have been picked up and are at the Campout. 
–Ron Dale, Sacramento Area VP, asked for a pair of comp tickets for the person who manages the Sacramento area regional website. 
Father’s Day Festival retro/prospective/details: 
Festival Director Montie Elston gave a progress report:  
–He will meet with the Fire Marshall before the festival to try to identify and work out any issues. 
–It is likely the dirt pile in the electric-only camping area will still be there during the festival. 
–Paid security will be in place starting the Saturday before the festival to help ensure that everyone on the fairgrounds has paid for camping. 
–One of our new sponsors, a camping supplies vendor, will set up right inside the main entrance. 
–Mikki Feeney has agreed to take over as Gate Ticket Coordinator with help from several others.  
–There has been a good response to the plea for volunteers on Strawberry’s Facebook page.  
–The Board approved purchasing an automated external defibrillator to have onsite for emergency situations.  
Board Policies and Procedures Manual: 
The Google site for internal documents hasn’t been set up yet.  
Budget Update and Issues: 
No update. 
Music Camp Update: 
Registration is ahead of schedule. Music Camp attendees need to realize they can’t stay and camp during the festival without buying a ticket. This will be part of their orientation. 
Sales Force Update: 
No update.  
Fire Relief Fund Disbursement: 
The disbursement plan for instrument replacement was approved by the Executive Committee between meetings:  
–There are about 50 people in the pool of fire victims needing replacement instruments. This pool has been divided into 3 levels of reimbursement: 1) Existing CBA members 2) Music professionals and teachers who are becoming CBA members 3) Others who are becoming CBA members. 
–The Music Connection store in Chico has offered to help fire victims who want to replace their instrument through them. Those who want to replace their instrument through another sources will file their paperwork directly with the CBA Treasurer. 
Event policy revision: 
Chair Geoff Sargent reported no progress on this item. 
Otter Opry – Jeff Scroggins Budget: 
The Board briefly discussed the financial report for the Jeff Scroggins & Colorado concert held in Monterey on March 29. There were 46 people in attendance and a small profit. 
May Board Meeting Location: 
Strawberry Festival organizers have offered to trade a limited number of 1-day comp tickets with the CBA Board so the CBA can hold a meeting there on Saturday, May 25 and have a chance to observe operations.  
2020 Great 48 Budget Proposal: 
On behalf of the Great 48 committee, Craig Wilson presented two budget alternatives for Great 48 2020. The Board discussed the options for the Friday night concert but do not want to take on a high financial risk since the main point of The Great 48 is jamming. They asked the committee to come back to the Board with more detail and a compromise budget. 
FDF T-Shirt Transportation: 
The Board discussed paying an extra fee to have FDF t-shirts shipped directly in the future rather than take on the cost and burden of picking up t-shirts directly.  
Executive Committee Report: 
The Committee approved several FDF comps between meetings as well as the Fire Relief disbursement plan as discussed.  
Membership Report: 
As of April 1st, the CBA Membership number was 2884.  
Treasurer’s Report: 
The Treasurer sent financial reports prior to the meeting. The Board did not discuss. 
Youth Program Report: 
No report. 
Area Activities VP Reports: 
No reports. 
President’s Report: 
No report. 
Chair’s Report: 
Geoff Sargent reported that Corporate Sponsorship Lisa Burns has obtained a dobro for the instrument raffle. 
The next meeting will be Saturday, May 25 at the Strawberry Music Festival, Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley. Exact time and location will be announced. 
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 PM.