Board Meeting Synopsis–11/2018

Chair Geoff Sargent called the meeting to order at 10:05 am on Sunday November 18 at the Brandli home in Oakland, CA. 
Board Members Present:  Patrick Campbell, Jessica Furui, David Gooding, Mark Hogan, Chuck Hurd, Kara Kundert, Steve Ladonga, Larry Phegley, Geoffrey Sargent  
Board Members Absent:  Bruce Campbell, Brandon Godman 
Officers, Coordinators and Members Present:  Darby Brandli, Valerie Cornejo, Jim Dubert, Colleen Hogan, Ted Kuster, Joanne Minasi 
The agenda was approved with six additions. 
The October 21, 2018 minutes were approved as written. 
Mark Hogan announced that he has two passes for Cowboy Poetry to donate for raffle at Great 48. 
Great 48 Update: 
Everything is on track for Great 48 2019. The Marriott Hotel is full but there are still rooms available in nearby hotels. The Friday night concert is set, sound arranged and advertising in local papers is scheduled. The concierge room on the 9th floor isn’t available this year, so all showcase performances will take place in the Little Switzerland room. RVs will not be allowed in the Marriott parking lot. 
Sales Force Rollout Plan: 
There has been little progress on the Sales Force conversion due to other pressing issues such as organizing Bluegrass Fire Relief.  
Branding Rollout Plan: 
The branding rollout is on track for the Great 48 including the new look for the Bluegrass Breakdown, new banners, stickers, business cards and nametags. 
California Showcase: 
The Board discussed suggested changes to the California Showcase band selection process that are designed to encourage more band submissions and ensure there are enough panelists to get a meaningful spread of votes.  
Concert/Event Policy Review: 
A new Concert & Event Policy and budgeting form was approved that includes a 5% minimum administrative fee to cover BMI, ASCAP and insurance. Event planners must submit a written budget to the Board a minimum of 60 days before the event.  
CBA Fire Relief: 
The Bluegrass Fire Relief Project unfolded quickly due to the immediacy of the situation during the Butte and Ventura county wildfires. It is expected the CBA will meet the goal of $50K to help replace instruments for fire victims. The Board agreed to pay the membership dues for members and former members in the affected areas. Outreach continues to help assess the need. 
Appointment of Breakdown Proofreader: 
A small committee was formed to establish a process to help the Bluegrass Breakdown editor with proofreading. It is a big job that will require ongoing coordination on a monthly basis. 
Board Policies and Procedures Manual: 
The Board reviewed a first draft table of contents for a Board Operations Manual. This will be an ongoing project to consolidating board policies and procedures in one place.  
Future of Bluegrass Pride: 
Since Bluegrass Pride is expanding their mission beyond California, they are working on becoming a standalone nonprofit separate from the CBA. This model could become a template for future projects, starting within the umbrella of the CBA and spinning off to a separate 501(c3) once the organization gains momentum. 
FDF Retrospective Issues: 
Camping fees – There will be a small increase in camping fees for Father’s Day Festival 2019. Camping fees will be collected starting at noon the Saturday before the festival along with verification that all campers have a ticket for the festival. Fees will be waived for volunteers who must be at the festival early based on the requirements of their position. 
Volunteer membership requirements- It was agreed that the CBA will maintain the membership requirement for Father’s Day Festival volunteers.  
Keeping track of FDF Retrospective actions – In addition to working to fill critical FDF volunteer seats, the Board agreed to keep the FDF Retrospective actions on the agenda to re-visit monthly. 
2019 Budget: 
The Treasurer went over each of the preliminary budget forms for 2019. She asked everyone involved in spending to start working on their budgets for next year. Area VPs will need to be reminded to pre-plan for events in their area.  
Executive Committee Report: 
The Executive Committee took no action between meetings other than verifying the FDF camping fee increase for publication in the December Bluegrass Breakdown. 
Membership Report: 
Current membership is 2,547.  
Treasurer’s Report: 
The Treasurer reviewed the financial reports and confirmed how investments are administered. 
Youth Program Report: 
The board approved the preliminary budget for Youth Academy 2019.  
Area Activities VP Reports: 
Mark Hogan (North Bay) –Mark is finalizing the lineup for the Sonoma County Bluegrass & Folk Festival on March 9, 2019. So far, he has Nu Blu, Jerry Wicentowski & The Wiseman Institute, Duo Quartet and cowboy singers Mike Beck & Scott Gerber. Mark is also busy coordinating the details for the State Fiddle Contest at the CBA Spring Campout in April 2019. 
Larry Phegley (South Bay/Monterey Bay) – Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands were at Otter Opry on November 17. Jams are going well in his area. 
Ted Kuster (San Francisco area and Statewide Activities VP) – Several Area VPs have been active in organizing concerts and fundraising jams for the Bluegrass Fire Relief fund.  
President’s Report: 
The organizers of the Strawberry Music Festival will meet with the CBA to discuss some of the common issues with the Nevada County Fairgrounds and the Fire Marshall. 
Chair’s Report: 
The final Music Camp Report is in and will be sent to the Board and Officers after the meeting. 
Committee Reports: 
–5-year Committee – No report other than branding rollout discussion E.3. 
–Breakdown Committee – No report. 
–Tech Committee – The plan to streamline the FDF ticketing process has been moved to 2020. 
The next meeting will be a conference call in December, date and time to be determined. 
The meeting adjourned at 2:20 pm.