Board Minutes Synopsis–01/2012

California Bluegrass Association


Rick Cornish, Chairman of the Board, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. at the home Diana Donnelly (Modesto).

Board Members Present: Rick Cornish, Marcos Alvira, Bruce Campbell, John Duncan, Bill Evans, Montie Elston, Steve Goldfield, Mark Hogan, Jack Hyland, Jim Ingram, Geoffrey Sargent, Stuart Sims, Carl Pagter. Roll was taken.

Officers Present: David Brace, Charlene Sims

Members Present: Diana Donnelly, Stan Allen

Stan Allen was introduced by Marcos Alvira; Stan will serve as our new Kings River Festival Director. Diana Donnelly thanked everyone for their well wishes on her retirement as secretary.


1. Development & Sponsorship VP
Rick Cornish said there still are two open positions – Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator (which Lisa Burns handled previously) and Breakdown & Website Ad Sales Manager. Bill Evans has agreed to take on the Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator position. The other position, Breakdown & Web Site Ad Sales Manager is still open.

2. Future Board of Directors Meeting Locations
The motion to accept David Brace’s offer of his River House on Paradise Road in Modesto for future meetings passed unanimously.

3. Third Party Mercantile: Report on Café Press
John Duncan provided detailed information from his contact with Café Press. He said the merchandise is made to order, is no cost to us, but has a small margin. Bruce Campbell said they have good quality merchandise. Rick asked that the board members check out the website and this will be voted on at the next meeting.

4. Grass Valley Dog Committee: Policy Update
General rules were submitted by the committee consisting of Darby Brandli, Davie Brace, Tim Edes, and Montie Elston. Rules to be published in the Breakdown.

The motion to accept the list of rules adding that liability will be accepted by owner and registering dogs plus a visible sign so owner can be found was passed unanimously.

5. 2012 Fall & Spring Campouts Update
David Brace reported the Spring Campout is set for April 9 – 13, 2012, in Turlock.

The motion to hold the Fall campout at the Lighthouse. Dates: October 15 – 21, 2012, passed with a vote of 12, yes, 1 no.

6. College Ticket Grant Program Update
Marcos Alvira and Geoff Sargent reported that they will focus on only a few colleges. These will be for comp tickets to FDF for college music students who would not otherwise attend the event. Marcos said he will make sure the 15 tickets get used. There will only be will-call tickets, so will need to know the names of the students who will be attending.

7. Bass Buggy Auction Update
Rick Cornish reported he has the bass buggy. He suggests it be sold at the Mercantile at Grass Valley by a silent auction.

8. Old Time Budget Proposal
The motion to accept the proposed budget with reduction of printing to $250 for a total of $950 and increase the FDF entertainment budget by $250 for an old time entertainer passed unanimously.

9. Music Camp Update
Geoff Sargent reported the Dobro I class was dropped and combined other Dobro classes. Winter camp almost sold out.


1. Great 48 Report
Rick Cornish reported that a great time was had by all. Having it at a hotel gave it the feeling of IBMA. Band competition really worked out well. All bands were paid. Added more chairs at Showcase and Band Scramble. All showcase bands would have been good for FDF stage. Kiwanis made $3,000. More people from other bluegrass associations attended this year than before. Had a new room for Band Scramble and had to bring in more chairs as well. Hotel worked with us all on responding to requests.

Stuart Sims presented $2,196 from the Martin guitar raffle at 48 hour jam. The money is for the CBA Youth Programs. Thanks to those who worked the Welcome desk: Dona Baker, Rich & Linda Greene and Charlene Sims. Dona Baker handled 99.9% of the raffle ticket sales.

Discussion was held regarding paying for the refreshments in the Presidential Suite. No action was taken until we know exact amount.

2: Kings River Bluegrass Festival: New Director
Marcos Alvira introduced Stan Allen. He and Kelly Broyles are recommending him as the new Director. Stan worked with them on previous festivals.

The motion to approve Stan Allen as the Kings River Director was passed unanimously.

3. Clovis Winter Bluegrass Festival – request for assistance

A motion for the CBA to make a loan up to $430 to the Clovis Winter bluegrass festival and that loan will be repaid if they are able to make that amount of money passed unanimously.

4 . Old Time Campout
Steve Goldfield reported that the Lake Sonoma site was a promising site. He will make a presentation to people in charge and provide an update at next meeting.

5. Retroactive Payment
The motion to reimburse Rick Cornish $495 for the computer loaned to the On-line Calendar Coordinator was passed unanimously.

6. California Showcase Bands
Jim Ingram – contracts are the same for everyone. Part of the contract says the band cannot play within 30 days and 250 miles of FDF. The intent is for big bands (headliners and featured bands) going into competition with FDF with other venues. Discussion favored striking that wording out for California Showcase bands. Although no formal motion was used to advance this action, Jim will customize the Showcase contract leaving the prohibition out and will begin using it this year. In the meantime, the prohibition will be waived for 2012 Showcase acts.

7. Closed sessions
Rick Cornish reminded board members how the state’s Brown Act Provisions affect non-profit organizations. It limits the focus of closed sessions to contract negotiations or personnel issues. Having closed sessions is part of governing process.


1. Membership Report
Bruce Campbell reported we had 2555 members at end of year. New sign ups have increased. There is a system in place to remind expirations. Letters are sent by Bruce and then two months later Rick Cornish and Darby Brandli send a follow-up letter.

2. Treasurer’s Report
Montie Elston submitted his reports. He and Val Cornejo are working hard to improve accounts receivable, etc. Much research is needed for reconciliation. Mailed out 1099’s – 42% were for out of state bands. Federal forms will be done in next two weeks. All will be up-to-date and filed by end of March. BMI all up to date – promoters and festivals.

3. Area VP Reports
Mark Hogan reminded everyone that the Cloverdale Old Time Fiddle Festival is next weekend – January 21 – 22, 2012. They have had major publicity and expect great results from it.

Next meeting: Saturday, February 11, 2012, at David Brace’s River House in Modesto.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.