Board Minutes Synopsis–12/2011



Rick Cornish, Chairman of the Board, called the meeting to order at 10:00 the home Diana Donnelly in Modesto. Roll was taken and the agenda was set.

Board Members Present:
Rick Cornish, Jim Ingram, Tim Edes, Mark Hogan, Jack Hyland, Geoff Sargent, Marcos Alvira, John Duncan, Montie Elston, Steve Goldfield and Stuart Sims.

The motion to excuse the absences of Bill Evans & Bruce Campbell passed by unanimous vote.


The motion to appoint Steve Goldfield for the vacant position on the board was carried with a vote of 6 yes and 4 no.

The motion to approve the November 12, 2011 board minutes, with a change in the wording under the menu item “Authority to Change Wells Fargo Account Access” was carried by unanimous vote.


Diana addressed the board to advise about two boxes of documents received from Bob Thomas that need to be reviewed and sorted. Montie said he would take them. Diana also advised the new board of the supplies of letterhead and envelopes.

Positions Requiring Appointments

Secretary –
The motion to appoint Charlene Sims as CBA Secretary was carried by unanimous vote.

Stage Construction Coordinator
The motion to appoint Chris Olivolo as the new Stage Construction Coordinator was carried by unanimous vote.

Fairgrounds Negotiating Team – Tabled until needed
Controller – It was decided that with the new treasurer and accounting programs, this position is no longer needed.

Development of Web and Breakdown Advertisement and Sponsorship Development for FDF –
Bill Evans will consider one or the other of these positions but is not prepared to take on both of them as a single position. The item was tabled until Rick can ask Bill which position interests him the most. It was requested that the board take this month to try and think of a good replacement for the other position.

Membership Rule Changes Suggested by C. Faubel
Carolyn suggested three changes that she felt would streamline the membership process and record keeping. One would be to eliminate the age field in our membership database. The second would be to simply state children under 16 are included in the Family Membership. The third suggestion was to make a single membership price….one person OR family of [up to] four would be a flat fee of $30. Montie suggested we don’t do anything now but ask the membership, informally, at various events. Ask how they would feel about a single membership price increase of $5 per year. It was decided to go with the first two suggestions and put off making a decision on the third suggestion until further inquiry and contemplation.

Selling Mercantile through Third Party John reported information he received from BBU (Boston B/G Union) that their use of Café Press was not worthwhile for on-line logo purchases. There is no inventory investment, items are printed as ordered. He felt the cost was more on-line than at festivals. However, we have had lots of requests to be able to order CBA merchandise on-line. This would be separate from our regular mercantile sales. Is there a cost to us? Board directs John Duncan to take the next step to get more info including any cost to our organization.

GV Dog Committee
Darby distributed a report and spoke about the history of this issue at FDF. There are people who don’t attend because they can’t bring their dogs. Although there is no way to know for sure, it’s felt that more don’t come because they can’t bring their dogs than people who won’t come because we allow dogs. There was a lot of discussion on the pros and cons of the issue and conditions under which the dogs could be allowed.

The motion to make the decision today to allow dogs at the next festival (2012) as a pilot program and to alert the membership now of this decision with details to follow. Also dogs will not be allowed in the tent camping only area or in the audience or concession areas was carried with a vote of 9 yes and 2 no.

Spring and Fall Campout 2012
Everything is fine with the Spring Campout. David Brace has a couple of suggestions for a location of the Fall Campout that he will present at the next meeting.

Non-CBA festival membership booths
We need a replacement for Carolyn to organize and assign people to man and set up the membership booth at other festivals. We will combine mercantile with membership and Jack will coordinate the volunteers to man it. Jack will bring a list of what festivals he plans to attend and those he won’t be covering so we can ask for volunteers.

2011 IBMA Finances
Larry advised the board that total expenses at IBMA were $14,697. The total credit offsets were $10, 779 so the CBA outlay was $3918. The instrument raffle brought in $6815. Host team supported with $2000. Maria Nadauld made a contribution and $1062 was received in the suite’s “tip jar”. Sierra Nevada contributed 33 cases of beer!

Barcode Update

Tim reported that the scanners will be tried at Morgan Hill concert.

Morgan Hill Concert
Tim reported that the ninth annual Morgan Hill concert is scheduled for February 25, 2012 with IIIrd Tyme Out. He has sold $2000 in sponsorships.

Tim also reported on a new, possible advertising outlet. The ads that run over and over to audiences while waiting for a movie to start in the theater would be a great way to get out the word about the festival to a HUGE audience. Tim is working on obtaining more information on this and will report back.


FDF Old Time Gathering publicity
Steve Goldfield distributed a report and made a presentation. He reported that he has established a Facebook page and that he also posted an announcement on the OldtimesF Yahoo Group page and San Francisco Folk Music Club list and got good responses and some offers of help. Steve also asked for help finding old-time contacts in areas where he doesn’t already have them.

NEH/Joe Weed Grant Administration Proposal
Rick distributed a proposal from Joe Weed and made a presentation. Joe’s next documentary project will be “Lloyd Loar, American Innovator”. He states the expenses for this kind of project is high and he will be applying for a grant with NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities). He needs a non-profit agency to administer the grant and asked if the CBA would be that agency.

The motion to serve as the Grant Administrator between the NEH and Joe Weed, contingent on research into the paperwork needed and any liability to us was carried by unanimous vote.

College Ticket Grants
Rick wanted to start a conversation and get some feedback about an idea of sending a block of comp tickets to the music directors at local colleges. He got some positive feedback from the board and some ideas from Marcos who is willing to work on this idea with him. They will have a plan to present to the board at a future meeting.

Lifetime Membership Nomination Reminder
Mark wanted to remind the board to get their nominations ready for the selection in February.

Request for funds to support CBA Suite at Wintergrass
The motion to allocate up to $500 for the expenses of running a hospitality suite at Wintergrass was carried by unanimous vote.

Request to donate youth program funds to Winter Camp Scholarship fund.

The motion to donate $1000 from the Youth Fund, to be used for scholarships for kids age 18 and under for the 2012 winter music camp, was carried by unanimous vote.

Music Camp Contract Update
Geoff reported that he has the signed contracts with Ingrid. The contract period covers the time through the 2012 summer camp.

Old Time Budget
The board requested that Steve come back to the board next month with an idea of a budget to vote on.

Logistics of Concessions at FDF
Larry requested some help with the logistics of getting his vendors in on Wednesday vs. Music Camp activities that are going on at the same time. He requested that NO bicycles be allowed in the concession area starting Wednesday afternoon while his vendors are driving in. The festival directors will take care of this and make the requirement known.

Bass Buggy
It was decided to take the donated Bass Buggy to the GREAT 48 and auction it off using a “silent auction” format.


Membership Report
Bruce emailed the membership report

Treasurer’s Report
Montie distributed a P&L and budget and made a presentation. He reported that David Brace has found a company that will do some of the work that Clean Machine did at less than half the cost. He explained the various entries in the budget.

Area VP Reports
Marcos reported that we may have a prospect to take over running the King’s River Festival.

Larry Phegley reported that there are 2 jams in his area. Molly Tuttle and Kyle Abbott are going to do a concert before she leaves for college. He is working on Bluegrass in the Schools.

President’s report
Darby reported that Jenny Williams is going to start an emailing list for all the area VP’s so they know what is expected of them and to share ideas.

Chairman Report
Our membership is now below 2600. This is a problem.


FDF CA Showcase 2012
2012 FDF Vendor Issues

Next meeting set for Saturday, January 14, 2012 at the home of Diana Donnelly in Modesto.