Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2011-02

CALIFORNIA BLUEGRASS ASSOCIATION SYNOPSIS OF THE MINUTES OF THE FEBRUARY 12, 2011 BOARD MEETING CALL TO ORDER Rick Cornish, Chairman of the Board, called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. at the home of Diana Donnelly in Modesto and the Roll Call was taken. Board Members Present: Rick Cornish, Jim Ingram, Bruce Campbell, Tim Edes, Craig Wilson, Marcos Alvira, Brenda Hough, John Duncan, Darby Brandli, Lisa Burns and Montie Elston SETTING OF THE AGENDA After three changes were made to the agenda, it was set. APPROVAL OF THE JANUARY BOARD MEETING MINUTES The motion to approve the January 15, 2011 board minutes was carried by unanimous vote. PERSONS DESIRING TO ADDRESS THE BOARD ON UNAGENDIZED ITEMS None OLD BUSINESS Remaining Appointments: Festival Director Trainee – Tim knows someone who expressed some interest. He will ask him to attend the Spring Campout so we could meet and talk with him. Membership VP – Two recommendations were made. Rick will follow up on one and Tim will follow up on the other. Statewide Activities VP – A member named Jim Hanley from Valley Springs has offered to step into the roll as Statewide Activities VP. Jack Hyland reported that David Brace has volunteered to run the Spring Campout (with assistance from Steve Tilden) so we can postpone filling this position until the board has had a chance to meet Jim. He will be contacted and invited to attend the Spring Campout and meet the board at the meeting there on Sunday. Safety & Hospitality – Still pending Raffle Coordinator – Brenda will contact Larry Kuhn for details on what this job entails and then will try to find a volunteer. Larry will work with whoever agrees to take this over. Stage Construction – The motion to appoint Gene Bach as the Stage Construction coordinator was carried by unanimous vote. T-Shirt Booth Coordinator – Dagmar agreed to continue in this position. Since she was nominated and appointed last October, no additional vote was needed. Music Camp Update Lisa reported that the Winter Music Camp is full and that there is a wonderful list of teachers. Proposal – Old Time at Father’s Day Rick proposed that we give the old time program a name and call it” Old Time Gathering”. He proposed we have Old Time bands on the Pioneer Stage on the Friday and Saturday afternoon breaks plus an exclusively Old Time jam as well as an Old Time dance. The Freight Hoppers are willing to play the dance. The board approved the idea but acknowledged that only three of the four afternoon slots will go to Old Time bands due to prior scheduling commitments. Art Sales Progress Report Rick reported that the Art Sales program has generated nearly all the original $500 goal. Fairgrounds Negotiation and FDF There have been some conversations but no negotiations. Montie reported that the Clean Machine fee has increased. Gold Country Security also wants to increase their fees. The currently constituted negotiations team includes Montie, Tim and Rich Evans with Rick as an ex officio member (per the motion and approval from the October 2010 minutes.) Even though Rich has resigned from the board, he said he would still be part of the Negotiating Team, as long as he is not traveling. Morgan Hill Concert Tim reported that he reached his goal of $4700 in sponsorship sales. Mercantile Report Jack talked to Dave Brace, who wants to keep his job as the gate coordinator, but will help Jack with mercantile. Jack reported that he hasn’t done this year’s inventory and is behind because of family issues. He also reported that he no longer has room in his garage to store the CBA Mercantile and checked into several storage units. The one he decided on will cost $132 per month, including insurance. Bruce and Jack are to check into third party companies that can sell our merchandise online. We need to get the inventory and pictures of the merchandise. The motion to approve the monthly fee for the storage for our mercantile was passed by unanimous vote. Diana suggested that we pick an “inventory day” and volunteered to be one of the participants to help Jack get through the inventory count. Deb Livermore also said she would help. Volunteers will talk offline about possible days all would be available. NEW BUSINESS 2011 Budget Lisa distributed the budget and summary and made a presentation. There was a lot of discussion and questions. Lisa reported that getting the correct figures together has been a difficult and arduous task, but according to the figures she has, the Association only netted about $4000 last year, all inclusive. Pioneer Stage Schedule Jim reported that the Pioneer Stage scheduling is coming along. The board had some input on his “dark” slots. Calendar Marcos reported that he still expects the calendars to be available by the Spring Campout. Mike Melnyk, Michael Sharps and Dave Weiland have been very helpful and he’s also had other amateur contributions. The printer is going to be helpful with the layout. Youth Jam Report Darby, with the assistance of Kathy Kallick, produced the first Youth Jam and (optional) sleepover on February 5-6 which was attended by 18 young pickers with 14 sleeping over. Darby will write about this for the next Bluegrass Breakdown. Darby, Kathy and Nate Schwartz (Teen Ambassador) will discuss what to do in the future but the event was a huge success. All youth had signed Release Forms. Michael Sparks took photos. Yosef Tucker and Molly Tuttle volunteered as chaperones and slept over. Kathy arranged for Workshop Instructors: Steve Pottier, Tom Bekeny, Larry Cohea, herself and Jeremy Kittel. Lifetime Membership/Service Award Nominations Two long time CBA members were nominated and approved for Lifetime Memberships. They will be announced when the awards are given at the FDF in June. FDF Sales Proposal Rick proposed a “booth” with prints from our photographers of shots of the festival/artists and share the funds 60 (artists) /40 (CBA) with the photographers; proceeds for Lynn’s and Rick’s work will go entirely to the CBA except for the cost of mats and glass. There was a lot of discussion on where this would be placed and how it would be run. It was decided to place the booth next to Mercantile. Brenda agreed to work on staffing the booth. Update on King’s River Bluegrass Festival Marcos reported that they will be increasing the ticket prices by $5.00. REPORTS Membership Report Carolyn emailed her report and added a request for some guidance from the board as to getting flyers to the people who are manning the membership booths at other festivals. Rick will contact Carolyn on this. Treasurer’s Report No report Area VP Reports Bruno announced that McGrath’s in Alameda had issues with an upstairs tenant and had to stop the music. Peter Barnato (owner of McGrath’s) has opened a new venue on Webster Street in Alameda called the Frog & the Fiddle and has started up a Thursday night jam. This is a kid friendly venue (it serves food) and there will be an entertainment schedule. Webster Street is accessible from the Posey Tube and 880. Bruno also announced that another venue in Alameda might start up a Monday night jam to fill the vacuum. The Pasta Pelican, on the estuary, has expressed an interest in opening up to pickers on Monday nights. Craig reported on all the jams going in his area. There are no upcoming concerts. Marcos reported for Kelly that there is a Winter Bluegrass festival in Clovis at the Senior Center on February 19 featuring The Grasskickers, Red Dog Ash, and Red Rag Andy. He also reported that all but one Friday night slot has been filled for the Clovis Bluegrass in the Park summer series. President’s Report Darby reported that she and Kathy Kallick are going forward with more youth events, jams and workshops. She will report on these as they are scheduled. SET TIME AND PLACE FOR THE MARCH BOARD MEETING Next meeting set for 10:00 a.m. on March 13, 2011 at the Hopmonk Tavern 230 Petaluma Ave, Sebastopol, CA 707-829-7300 ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.