Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2011-03

CALIFORNIA BLUEGRASS ASSOCIATION SYNOPSIS OF THE MINUTES OF THE MARCH 13, 2011 BOARD MEETING CALL TO ORDER Rick Cornish, Chairman of the Board, called the meeting to order at 10:20 at the Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastopol. ROLL CALL WAS TAKEN AND THE AGENDA WAS SET Board Members Present: Rick Cornish, Craig Wilson, Marcos Alvira, Mark Hogan, Montie Elston, Bruce Campbell, Jim Ingram and Darby Brandli APPROVAL OF THE FEBRUARY BOARD MEETING MINUTES The motion to approve February 12, 2011 board minutes was carried by unanimous vote. PERSONS DESIRING TO ADDRESS THE BOARD ON UNAGENDIZED ITEMS John Hettinger reported on the Grasstowne concert in Sacramento. He felt it was under-attended. The weather was probably a factor. Rick said he simply had forgotten about the event and didn’t publicize it like the Morgan Hill event was publicized. All agreed to keep focused on CBA concerts in the future to ensure they get adequate promotion. OLD BUSINESS Remaining appointments 1. Treasurer – The motion to hire Valerie Cornejo as a consultant to completely re do our books into Quickbooks online and to fully manage the funds after was passed by unanimous vote. 2. Festival Director trainee – Rick reported that Tim Edes found someone who is interested and he will bring him to the Camp out for us to meet. 3. Membership VP trainee – There are two people who may be interested but nothing is settled. We have till October. 4. Safety and Hospitality Coordinator – Montie reported his leads washed out. 5. Raffle Coordinator – Joyce agreed to take this position. The motion to appoint Joyce Bowcock as the Raffle Coordinator was passed by unanimous vote. 6. Statewide Activities – David Brace has agreed to coordinate the campout in Turlock and the new volunteer will be at the next board meeting to meet us. Art Sales Progress Report Rick reported that several of the art pieces sold yesterday. Craig reported that he will donate $50 for each mandolin he sells at a mandolin event he is attending today. Old Time at FDF Rick reported that Jim has the performances on the Pioneer Stage schedule nailed down. The dance will be held there. The Freight Hoppers will provide the music for the dance, Masha Goodman will call the dance and Paul Knight will do the sound. He asked Carolyn Faubel and Masha Goodman to set up some old time musicians to do workshops. TAG Report Mark reported for the committee and wanted to set a budget for 2012. They will have a proposal for headliners for 2012 at the April meeting. Mark suggested having 2 Old Time bands instead of the obligatory ONE old time band, which met no opposition. The motion to set the entertainment budget and hire six main bands instead of seven was carried by unanimous vote. NEW BUSINESS Boonville (Old Time) campout date and website Mark talked about the Old Time campout that was held in Boonville. He talked about the date and the location and advised the board that they are looking into making some changes for a variety of reasons. Karen Heil from the Berkeley Old Time Convention attended this meeting and spoke with the board. The motion to postpone the Old Time campout until 2012 to give them all time to re-group and, perhaps, re-locate was carried by unanimous vote. Schedule for All Three Stages The Square Dance will be held outside at the Pioneer Stage area. There was discussion of the start and end time of the dance. Doyle has, in his contract, a clause that he not close the weekend so Jim had to shuffle the Sunday schedule around. Dale Ann requested that she be picked up and delivered to the airport and given transportation while in Grass Valley. Jim will advertise for someone who might be willing to do that and who would have a large enough vehicle. Jim said he has not been able to get the Chapman’s contract back yet. (NOTE: The contract came in before these minutes were distributed, so that is no longer an issue). Calendar Marcos reported he is close to having the calendar ready for production. The photos are chosen and he is putting a collage together. Has a bunch of dates down but wants the board to send him anything they know about significant bluegrass dates. He is still trying to have it ready for the campout but can’t promise. Sebastopol preliminary results Mark reported that he doesn’t have any figures yet but he feels really good about it. Music Camp results Ingrid reported that the Winter Music Camp went well. She reported that there were 201 campers. She didn’t get as many young people as she would have liked, but admitted that the time of year could affect that. She is looking for ways to beef up the scholarship funds and will try to find some younger, effective teachers. Regarding membership drives, Ingrid made a suggestion that she could require music camp attendees, if they want to come back, have to be CBA members. Darby also stated that she would create a letter encouraging music campers to join the CBA. The letter will be sent to Ingrid’s mailing list and would include a CBA brochure. Membership Contest John Duncan sent his report to Rick to advise the board of his efforts so far. The idea is to enlist the current members to recruit other members. The proposal includes a prize for the member who signs up the most members and new members names going into a drawing for another prize (or prizes). He suggested running it April – September. In addition, Michael Sharps also will donate 2 of his collage photographs to be used in a drawing from the pool of people who become new members at the festival. The motion to accept John’s proposals and direct him move forward in implementing these ideas was carried by unanimous vote. GV Promo Video Rick was looking at the Parkfield Festival website and was intrigued by the short video of the festival. He thought that would be a great idea for us to add something like that to the CBA website. He received and distributed a proposal from Joe Weed to put one together for us (see proposal). The board approved the proposal (without a formal vote) and Rick will contact Joe and direct him to move forward. Update on Kings River Bluegrass Festival Marcos reported that they have the band contracts out and some have already been returned. It will be held at the same location, which is now called The Grove. The “Hobbs” portion has to be deleted. Children’s Activities Kathleen rushing requested some directive from the board for what hours should the activities be held. Rick said Kathleen and Darby are free to make those decisions. REPORTS Membership Report Carolyn sent her report and we are up 8 members from last month, even after the purge. Treasurer’s Report Ed distributed his reports. There were no questions regarding the assets report. He reported that advanced ticket sales were down significantly from this time last year. He said there were some problems with PayPal and some transactions were left pending for 30 days and then PayPal cancelled the transactions. Rick will work with Josh to see if this has been corrected. Area VP Reports Craig Wilson reported that Kelvin Gregory no longer wishes to run the monthly jams and they are looking for a new person to coordinate them. Craig and Kelvin will have their first meeting with the Doubletree next Thursday to discuss the Great 48 for 2012. Mark reported that he plans to be more involved with the Cloverdale Fiddle Fest/Contest . President’s report The award plaques for the new Lifetime member recipients need to be ordered. Rick said he will write Mark’s. Darby is to contact Kathy Kallick and Laurie Lewis and ask them to write up the award plaque for Beth. Mark to send the template to Tim at Delta Awards. Diana will send Mark the contact information for Tim at Delta Awards. CLOSED SESSION Member’s letter SET TIME AND PLACE FOR THE APRIL BOARD MEETING Next meeting set for Sunday, April 17 at the Spring campout in Turlock. ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 2:15.