Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2011-09

CALIFORNIA BLUEGRASS ASSOCIATION SYNOPSIS OF THE MINUTES OF THE SEPTEMBER 10, 2011 BOARD MEETING ROLL CALL WAS TAKEN AND THE AGENDA WAS SET. Board Members Present: Montie Elston, Jim Ingram, Tim Edes, Marcos Alvira, John Duncan, Darby Brandli and Bruce Campbell APPROVAL OF THE AUGUST BOARD MEETING MINUTES The motion to approve the August board minutes was carried by unanimous vote. PERSONS DESIRING TO ADDRESS THE BOARD ON UNAGENDIZED ITEMS None OLD BUSINESS Remaining appointments Membership VP- Bruce said he talked to Carolyn and she broke down her duties into three categories. Bruce said he will take over one category and said that Carolyn will continue to do the other two until another person can be found. Calendar sales update Marcos said we are past the break-even point on being able to sell the remaining calendars and said we should push to sell whatever is left for $5 each and try to minimize the loss. IBMA Darby reported there is a, mostly, new crew but it is filled. Barcodes Tim was finally able to talk with Gary Mansperger and he said the system would be easy to set up. We can get up to 50 items on the free software and the scanners are around $150 but Bruce believes he can get them at a further discounted price. The motion to allocate up to $500 for a bar coded ticket scanning system was approved by unanimous vote. TAG The motion to notify Mark that he has the board’s approval to contact the Steep Canyon Rangers for the 2012 festival was carried by unanimous vote. King’s River Report & Budget Marcos distributed a budget/report. Said he got another sponsor for $1000. He made a report and went over the figures and answered questions. Fall Campout David Brace reported that he got a band called Pine Ridge to play on Saturday. They offered to donate their services but we will have a tip jar for money for their sound man. NEW BUSINESS The motion to reaffirm Rick Cornish as a member of the BOD and all offices that he holds was carried by unanimous vote. (Due to illness, Rick has had to miss three meetings. He has to be reaffirmed or removed per board guidelines.) Pilot Program Suggestion Montie suggested we start a discussion on allowing video conferencing for board members. He suggested making this a one year pilot program and opened it up for discussion. The technology is available and opens up more possibilities for board members who live long distances away. Pets Dave Brace said that he has talked to a lot of people who will no longer attend because we don’t allow pets. He wanted open this up for another discussion. Tim said we need to contact the Fair Board to discuss this option with them again. T-Shirt Design When should we start looking? Shouldn’t we open it to more designers and not make it “by committee”. We need to get an earlier start on it. It needs to be on the agenda for the October meeting. Video Tim got a bid from Spider Ranch Productions for putting up video screens at the FDF and wanted to open discussion, either way. This would mean video screens by the stage that would show the bands on a large screen so those who sit far back in the audience could have a better/clearer view of the show. Mercantile at Plymouth The motion to approve the purchase of a Plymouth ticket for a third person to help run the Mercantile booth was carried by unanimous vote. REPORTS Membership Report Carolyn emailed her report and it was reviewed by the board. CLOSED SESSION: Account receivables. SET TIME AND PLACE FOR THE OCTOBER BOARD MEETING Next meeting set for October 16 at the annual membership meeting and Fall Campout in Colusa. ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.