Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2013-07

Tim Edes, Chairman of the Board, called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM at Brandli home in Oakland.

Board Members Present: David Brace, Darby Brandli, Tim Edes, Dave Gooding, Mark Hogan, Jack Hyland, Geoffrey Sargent
Board Members Absent: Bruce Campbell, Montie Elston, Steve Goldfield, Jim Ingram
Officers Present: Bruno Brandli, Rick Cornish, Colleen Hogan, Vaughn Lew, Carl Pagtner, Larry Phegley, Mark Varner
Members Present: Bill Meiners

SETTING OF THE AGENDA – The Board approved the meeting agenda as written.

APPROVAL OF THE MAY 18, 2013 BOARD MEETING MINUTES – The Board approved the May 18, 2013 minutes as written.

PERSONS DESIRING TO ADDRESS THE BOARD ON UNAGENDIZED ITEMS – No members present asked to address the Board.

2013 FATHER’S DAY FESTIVAL RETROSPECTIVE – The Board began work on the FDF Retrospective, however it will not be complete until August after all financial numbers and reports are in.

Great 48 Security Deposit Update:
The Board authorized the security deposit for Great 48 at the May 2013 meeting. No further discussion is necessary at this time.

Old Time Campout Update:
The Old Time Campout is 8/22-8/25 at Lake Sonoma. There was no further update at this meeting.

CBA Booth at Bowers Mansion:
Steve & Kathy West will staff the membership booth on Aug. 17, 2013 at the Bowers Mansion Festival. David Brace will set up the membership booth and organize the crew for the Plymouth Festival in Sept.

Fall Elections and Ballot Items:
The Board confirmed the election deadline for 2013. All petitions and statements are due by August 15. Persons wishing to run for the Board should mail, fax, or scan & email a PDF of their petition to Bruce Campbell. An email application is not sufficient. New candidates (not incumbents) must include 10 member signatures with their petition. A candidate’s statement is not required but highly recommended.

This information will be published in the Bluegrass Breakdown and on the website along with a statement explaining that there is no online voting this year. In addition, the membership needs to vote on the By-Laws change required for formation of the Executive Committee. Geoff Sargent agreed to write an article explaining the Executive Committee and provide the wording to get it on the ballot.

Fall Campout Update:
Vaughn Lew, Statewide Activities VP, reported that the Lighthouse Marina Campground is asking for more money in camping fees this year and cut the jamming hours. The Board authorized securing an alternate site at the Lodi Grape & Harvest Festival grounds. The downside is that there is limited shade and no full hookups, however they guarantee at least 70 water & electric hookups.

The Board discussed three issues related to IBMA:
•Storage space – Potential space near Raleigh has been located.
•Host Team – There are four open positions on the Host Team at this time.
•IBMA Liaison – 2013 is Larry Kuhn’s last year as IBMA Liaison. The Board will recruit for someone to take over the position in 2014.

Sponsorship request for IBMA Youth Attendees:
IBMA extended invitations to four CBA youth: Josh & Jake Gooding, Helen Foley, and Sawyer Olsen. They must attend with at least one adult chaperone. The CBA normally donates money to help with travel expenses. The Board approved increasing that amount, with funding to come from the Youth Program KOB account.

Executive Committee Report:
The Executive Committee handled four items since the last Board meeting:
•Letter from the Grass Valley Water District claiming improper use of the water ditch at the FDF
•Two parties doubling up on RV space during the FDF Festival
•CBA tax payment
•A one-time additional payment related to the Father’s Day Festival

Membership Report:
Larry Phegley has agreed to take on the Membership VP position and George Martin has taken on the position of Publicity VP. Bruce Campbell will be training both of them in the coming months. There was no actual membership report submitted but membership numbers on the website are climbing.

Treasurer’s Report:
The Treasurer was not present at this meeting and no report given. The final numbers are not in yet for the FDF, however preliminary numbers indicate the CBA will make about as much as last year.

Area Activities VP Reports:
•Bruno Brandli, East Bay – Reported that they attended a concert at a new bluegrass venue, The Lucky Horseshoe in San Francisco, and it is a good place to see/hear music.
•Larry Phegley, South Bay/Monterey Bay – Jams in his area are stable. Jim Ingram presented a Venue Recognition Award to Phil’s Fish Market. Sam’s Bar-B-Que will also receive an award.
•Area Activities Job Description – A new job description has been drafted and will be presented at the next Board Meeting.

President’s Report:
President Darby Brandli had no additional items at this time.

Chairman’s Report:
Chairman Tim Edes stated that the agenda covered everything he wanted to discuss.

Next meeting is Sunday Aug. 11, 2013 at 10 AM, The Grove, 7511 Pacheco Pass Hwy, Hollister, CA 95023

Meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm.