Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2015-01

Note: Minutes of the January Meeting were taken by Charlene Sims in the Secretary’s absence.

Tim Edes, Chairman of the Board, called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 10, 2015 at The Great 48, Bakersfield Doubletree Hilton, Lakes Room, 3100 Camino Del Rio Ct., Bakersfield, CA

Board Members Present: Tim Edes, Montie Elston, Dave Gooding, Mark Hogan, Jack Hyland, Jim Ingram, Maria Nadauld, Larry Phegley
Board Members Absent: David Brace, Steve Goldfield, Geoffrey Sargent
Officers Present: Marcos Alvira, Darby Brandli, Valerie Cornejo, Rick Cornish, Tony Pritchett, Lucy Smith
Members Present: Charlene Sims, Slim Sims

The Board approved the meeting agenda with two changes.

The Board approved the December minutes as written.

None present at the meeting

Great 48 Update:
– Big thanks were given to Larry Phegley, Stuart Sims, Charlene Sims and their volunteers. Their volunteer work is much appreciated.
– Rooms are up 20% (5/8 of the hotel) from last year.
– There were a few conflicts with the hotel on jamming locations that have since been resolved. The decision was made not to allow jamming outside after 11:00 p.m.
– There are a lot of new faces this year and good participation from other Bluegrass organizations.
-There was a recommendation that we create a youth hospitality room next year. There is a lot of activity in the teen/youth jam rooms.
-The change of not having a Showcase on Thursday night seems to have gone over well. Having small free concerts instead was a minimal cost and enjoyed by all.

FDF Discount Report for Great 48:
Darby Brandli reported that no one has taken advantage of the 10% off deal for FDF early bird prices for other bluegrass organizations but it wasn’t well publicized. The offer will be mentioned at the Band Scramble.

Montie Elston found out that we do owe money to ASCAP. It is a percentage of ticket sales for all events, similar to BMI. The Board agreed to set up an account for ASCAP payments.

Website Update:
The Board approved a website rebuild that will be costly but necessary. The original site was launched over 15 years ago and is out-of-date. Rick Cornish will continue to be part of it until the rebuild is complete, then may volunteer to maintain the website with the help of many others.

Music Academy:
Darby Brandli reported that registration opened on January 1 and it is 50% full. She doesn’t have much scholarship money so far.

CBA Photographer Resignation:
The number of FDF photographers had been narrowed down to three at the December meeting. Since that time, Randy Shelton resigned, so now have two: Bob Caulkins and Mike Melnyk. Other photographers will be appointed if needed.

IBMA Report:
Lucy Smith presented a full report on IBMA. The CBA has a good reputation there. Maria Nadauld will attend the 2015 IBMA Leadership Bluegrass Class held in Nashville in March.

Chico Concert Series:
Lucy Smith gave a report on the new Chico Concert Series. She needs a CBA insurance coverage certificate for the venue. ASCAP/BMI fees will be paid for the series.

Life Membership Nominations:
Mark Hogan reminded the board members that it is time to consider nominations and present them at the next meeting. They need to be in writing, but do not have to be elaborate.

Executive Committee Report:
Tim Edes reported that there is no new information from the Executive Committee.

Membership Report:
Larry Phegley reported that membership is up this month. Maria Nadauld sent out the second batch of letters to expired members (1,100 letters) for 2011 – 2013. Darby signed up 11 new members this weekend.

Treasurer’s Report:
Montie Elston distributed the reports. He recognized Valarie Cornejo (Assistant Treasurer) who does all the Bluegrass Breakdown invoicing. She also double checks the reconciling for our accounts and administers the Youth Program accounts. Her work is very much appreciated.

Music Camp Report:
Darby Brandli put out the flyers/cards for Music Camp and Youth Academy at the Great 48 Hour Jam. There is an ad in Bluegrass Unlimited’s latest issue.

Area Activities VP Reports:
Mark Hogan introduced the newest Area Activities V.P. for the San Bernardino/Riverside area, Tony Pritchett. Mark pointed out that the V.P “map” on the website is outdated. Rick Cornish will update.

– Tony Pritchett (San Bernardino/Riverside) – reported he is going to start a jam in the Bell Bar in Highland. There are some good concert venues in his area. For example, the Riverside Elks Lodge wants more bluegrass events. It has a 299 seating capacity and is reasonable to rent.

– Larry Phegley (South Bay / Monterey Bay) – Jamming is down due to the holidays and he hopes to get back now that we are in the new year.

– Lucy Smith (Chico/Butte/Tehama) – reported that the area is active with several regular jams going, as well as the concert series. Mikki Feeney is also doing a weekly jam in Willows on her own.

– Marcos Alvira (Statewide & Merced, Mariposa, Stanislaus) – reported a contra dance will be held on
March 28 at the Veteran’s Hall in Merced. The Spring Campout will be in Turlock. His jam is growing and is now being held in a café. He will provide an updated V.P. list. He still needs Agreement letters from the rest of the Area V.P.’s.

– Mark Hogan (North Bay) – reported he has flyers out for Sebastopol and Cloverdale events. The regular weekly jam is moving from Coffee Cats to Community Market in Sebastopol this month.

President’s Report:
Darby Brandli said she is working on updating the data base for the Lending Library to include pictures of all of instruments. Family comps are available for FDF.

Chairman’s Report:
Tim reported that the volunteer pins are ordered and they will be able to have attachments for the years worked. The concert in Morgan Hill is on track. The FDF T-shirts are ordered. Stage and golf cart folks have been contacted and FDF is on their schedule.

TAG Committee Recommendations:
Dave Gooding reminded the board that it is time to pick another TAG member. Send your recommendations to Dave so they can be voted on at next meeting.

Next meeting will be held Saturday, February 21 at 10 a.m. at 1853 Highland Blvd, Hayward, CA 94542

Meeting adjourned at 12:52 PM.