Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2015-04

Chairman Tim Edes called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM on Saturday, April 18th at the CBA Spring Campout, Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, 900 N. Broadway, Turlock, CA 95380.

Board Members Present: David Brace, Tim Edes, Montie Elston, Steve Goldfield, Dave Gooding, Mark Hogan, Jim Ingram, Maria Nadauld, Larry Phegley, Geoffrey Sargent
Board Members Absent: Jack Hyland
Officers Present: Marcos Alvira, Darby Brandli, Colleen Hogan, Carl Pagter
Members Present: Diana Donnelly, Bill Meiners, Charlene Sims, Stuart Sims, Frank Solivan, Dana Thorin, Marc Varner

The Board approved the meeting agenda with three additions.

The minutes of the March 15, 2015 meeting were approved as written.

–Frank Solivan gave an update on Wintergrass and thanked the Board for sending him as a CBA representative.
–Charlene Sims asked to discuss the 2015 Fall Campout and the instrument raffle. These two items were added to the agenda.

CBA Event Policy for Regional Events:
The Board reviewed a draft event policy for regional festivals, concerts and house concerts. There are a few details to be worked out before the policy is finalized and introduced to the Area Activities VPs at a meeting in June.

Board E-Attendance Policy and By-Law Change:
A draft of by-law language change was considered that would allow electronic attendance at Board meetings by special approval. Questions remain about how to provide for electronic attendance and the criteria for approving electronic attendance at meetings. This item was carried over.

Out-of-State Representatives:
The Board agreed it will not appoint bands as CBA representatives whether they are in-state or out-of-state. This topic came up due to a request from an out-of-state band to be an official CBA rep.

2015 Fathers’ Day Festival Update:
Everything is on schedule for the festival. The dance and Kids Fest will be held in new locations. CBA volunteers will no longer staff a first aid station. The fire station is across the street from the fairgrounds and EMTs can respond quickly if there is an emergency.

2015 Golden Old Time Campout:
A small budget for the Golden Old Time Campout was approved. The campout will be held at a new group site right by the Visitor’s Center at Lake Sonoma. There will be signups for musicians to play in the Visitors Center throughout the campout.

Volunteer Pins:
The Board approved a slightly larger budget for the volunteer pins in order to include the “number of years served” on the pins. A total of 350 pins will be handed out at the festival this year. It was noted that the longest serving volunteer for the CBA Fathers’ Day Festival is Mark Hogan at 40 years.

Festival/Music Camp Ez-Up Purchase:
The Board reviewed a cost comparison between three different types of canopies and approved purchase of 12 of a sturdy, high quality model. The new canopies will be used at music camp and the FDF.

CBA Woven Blanket for Mercantile:
A CBA member offered an idea to produce a CBA woven blanket. Though it is too late to produce for the FDF 2015 festival, this idea will be considered in the future.

Vern & Ray Project/IBMA:
The Board was asked to consider promoting a specific recording for 2015 Recording Event of the Year at IBMA. After consideration, the Board determined it should not set precedence by formally promoting a specific band or recording.

The Huck Finn Advertising Campaign:
An idea was presented for increasing visibility and attendance at the Fathers’ Day Festival using an advertising agency. Most agreed that it would be more valuable to do this in the context of a strategic plan for the festival. It was decided that a working group will survey the festival at FDF 2015, looking at possibilities for expansion and other considerations. The Board also discussed setting up a special meeting to review and refine goals and develop a 5-year strategic plan.

Concert Window for FDF 2016:
The Board considered the idea of producing an internet “concert window” for FDF 2016 similar to what Wintergrass did earlier this year. It can serve as a “teaser” to the event and also introduce new audiences to the genre at a very low cost. The idea will be re-examined after the FDF 2015 retrospective.

Great 48:
The Board agreed that we need to do more local advertising for the Great 48 in local newspapers and other means.

Bluegrass in the Park Insurance:
A request came to the Executive Committee to make Bluegrass in the Park in Clovis a CBA sponsored event. It was agreed to send the draft Regional Events Policy to the Area VP to see if it meets the criteria for a CBA sponsored event.

2015 Fall Campout:
The date for the Fall Campout was set as October 19th-25th at the Lodi Fairgrounds.

Instrument Raffle:
The raffle coordinator voiced her concern about low revenue from the instrument raffle last year. The Board discussed ways to obtain high quality instruments and better promote the raffle.

Executive Committee Report:
The Executive Committee discussed a few items between meetings that were brought before the full Board at this meeting.

Membership Report:
Larry Phegley reported an uptick in new membership registration and renewals as we lead up to the Fathers’ Day Festival. Current membership is 2675.

Treasurer’s Report:
Montie Elston handed out the P&L for the Fathers’ Day Festival and an example of the report he can pull from the new TIX system.

Music Camp Report:
Geoff Sargent reported that enrollment is at 211 with a cap of 220 adults. He and others are still working on smoothing out the transition between Music Camp and the festival. The new pop-ups will help expedite the transition.

Area Activities VP Reports:
–Mark Hogan (North Bay) – The Cloverdale Old Time Fiddle Festival on April 11th went well. He and some key volunteers are working to smooth out some issues with the contest itself.

–Larry Phegley (South Bay) – The Evo Bluestein house concert in Monterey was well attended. Attendance at the weekly jam is about half what it was a few years ago, but those who come are consistent.

–Marcos Alvira (Statewide and Stanislaus/Merced/Mariposa) – The Modesto Unplugged Music Festival will include a bluegrass band this year. The first Barn Dance occurred in Merced and was very successful. There will be a guitar workshop with Dan Crary in his area.

President’s Report:
–Darby Brandli reported that there are three spots left in Youth Academy and she has given out almost all of the scholarship money. She is still working on the family comps.
–The Lending Library inventory is still being sorted out. Once that is done there are plans to produce a Lending Library brochure.
–It is time to start recruiting members to run for the Board. The process for applying will be published in the Bluegrass Breakdown Festival Edition.

Chairman’s Report:
Tim Edes stated that all of his items were covered in the agenda. He reminded the Board that they are responsible for working at the members’ dinner at the campout.

TAG Committee:
The Board agreed to allow TAG to secure 1-2 acts for FDF 2016 to publish in the 2015 Festival Edition of the Bluegrass Breakdown.

Next meeting will be held Sunday, May 17th at 10:00 AM at the Brandli home: 2106 9th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94606.

Meeting adjourned at 1:15 PM.