Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2016-01

Chairman Tim Edes called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 9, 2016, in the Lakes Room at the DoubleTree Hotel, Bakersfield, California.
Board Members Present: Tim Edes, Mikki Feeney, Dave Gooding, Mark Hogan, Maria Nadauld, Larry Phegley, Geoffrey Sargent, Montie Elston, Jim Ingram, Steve Goldfield
Board Members Absent: David Brace
Officers Present: Darby Brandli, Rick Cornish, Valerie Cornejo, Tony Pritchett, Kim Smith, Lucy Smith, Vicki Frankel, Stan Allen, Ted Kuster
Members Present: Charlene Sims (acting secretary), Brian Tucker, John Erwin, Mark Varner, Ron Esparza, Peter Langston

The agenda was approved with five changes.
The November minutes were approved as written.

Great 48 Jam Update:
Larry Phegley reported that the Great 48 was going well. The Friday concert was almost sold out. The color-coded map showing jamming areas was a great idea. Thirty-seven T-shirts were sold which was the break-even point. The board thanked Larry Phegley, Craig Wilson, Slim Sims, Jack Pierce, Rick Cornish and Charlene Sims for all the work in making this event so enjoyable for the attendees.

DVT Marketing Updated:
Brian Tucker of DVT Marketing made a presentation about the services his company offers. The board took note of his information for future consideration.

GV Streaming Update:
The committee is researching the possibility of streaming at the 2016 FDF. Geoff Sargent will get back to the board next month with more information.
Alameda Concert Update:
Publicity has begun for An Evening with Michael Cleveland at the Alameda Elks Club on February 26, 2016.
Proceeds will go to the CBA Youth Program. 
Bluegrass Today Advertising:
Dave Gooding reported that Bluegrass Today gave him a media kit that he’ll share with the rest of the board. There was discussion about forming a marketing committee to update the strategic plan, to include advertising plans.

Salesforce Presentation:
Ted Kuster presented information about Salesforce (SF). It handles the administrative side of an organization and much more. He will create a demo of what it can do for the CBA.

FDF Event Program:
Mark Varner is too busy to produce the FDF program and recommends the board get someone else to do it. The current template can be used. There are several people who may be interested in taking the job. 

IBMA Final Report:
Lucy Smith presented her expenses and budget for the IBMA. The board thanked Lucy for doing a wonderful job. Bluegrass Unlimited had a very nice article about the CBA suite at IBMA.

Website Maintenance Request:
Rick Cornish gave a progress report on the website. The only thing left to complete is the movement of the membership database to the new system. The board approved a new website maintenance contract in addition to the 12-month maintenance agreement. They also agreed to delete the separate Father’s Day Festival website since everything is available on the Events page of the CBA site. 

Special Consensus Concert:
The board approved the proposal and budget for a Special Consensus concert on January 20, the Unitarian Church in Fresno, as presented by Stan Allan.

Kings River Bluegrass Festival:
Stan Allen would like to move the Kings River Bluegrass to July on a Saturday as a one day festival. The locals really enjoy this event and having it in July should not be a problem. He will present a budget as soon as he has the date.

Monterey High Country Concert, March 19:
The board approved the budget for a High Country concert in Monterey on March 19th, as proposed by Larry Phegley. The church will feed the band, and provide and operate the sound system. Larry is working on the ads. 

Photo Gallery Manager:
Randy Shelton and Kay Nichols volunteered to help Ken Reynolds add photos to the CBA photo gallery.
The board approved additional funds to help support Frank Solivan’s suite at Wintergrass.
Executive Committee Report – Edes, Hogan, Elston, Sargent:
The Executive Committee approved several actions between meetings
• The raffle bass issue was handled – the case became an issue after the correct bass was delivered.
• Authorized $750 for a quarter size bass for the Lending Library.
• Larry Baker’s increased vendor fees were approved.
Membership Report – Larry Phegley:
Larry Phegley reported that membership numbers are up again.
Treasurer’s Report – Montie Elston:
Montie Elston presented the financial reports. He had a few recommendations:
–Get a hot spot at concert venues to process tickets with TIX.
–Look at passing on the processing charges of TIX to customers (currently not passed along)
–Narrow the width of the paper that the Breakdown is printed on. This is a trend that could save us ink and newsprint. He will work with Mark Varner on it.
–He thanked Valerie Cornejo for stepping up and taking on more of the Treasurer’s responsibilities.
Music Camp Report – Geoff Sargent:
–Geoff Sargent introduced Peter Langston. Peter is scouting for a winter camp locations while in Southern California. The board approved a small amount for his expenses. –All the instructors are set for the FDF Music Camp – mostly from FDF bands. Registration opens on Feb. 7, 2016.
Youth Program Report – Darby Brandli:
–The Board approved allocating money from the Youth Fund to purchase another quarter size bass.
–They discussed increasing the insurance on some of the mandolins that are being donated.
–They approved appointing John Gooding as Teen Ambassador
Area Activities VP Reports:
–Mark Hogan (North Bay) – The Sonoma County Bluegrass & Folk Festival scheduled for March 12th is coming along well. He has booked Lagunitas Brewing Co. for the board meeting the next day.
–Larry Phegley (South Bay/Monterey Bay) – Larry has a lot coming up in his area the first quarter of 2016: 1/21 Special Consensus; 2/27 Night at the Grange; 3/19 High Country.
–Tony Pritchett (Riverside/San Bernardino) – The Edgar Loudermilk band is booked at the San Bernardino Elks lodge. A venue in Ventura has also booked them.
–Lucy Smith )reporting for Butte/Tehama Counties) – Mary Collins of the Unitarian Church has scheduled Jim Hurst for a concert January 28 and NuBlu on Feb 11. The Board approved appointing Lucy as interim VP until she can find a replacement.
Chairman’s Report – Tim Edes:
–The Grange concert planning is going well.
–The Shingle Springs concert planning is also going well. A guitar was donated for a raffle prize.
Next meeting is set for Saturday, February 13 at 10:00 a.m. at the Nadauld home, 1853 Highland Blvd., Hayward, CA 94542.
Meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.
Submitted by Charlene Sims, CBA Acting Secretary