Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2016-05

Chairman Tim Edes called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM at the Brandli home, 2106 9th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94606
Board Members Present: David Brace, Montie Elson, Tim Edes, Mikki Feeney, Steve Goldfield, Dave Gooding, Mark Hogan, Jim Ingram, Larry Phegley, Geoffrey Sargent, and Maria Nadauld via Facetime conferencing (approved at beginning of meeting)
Board Members Absent: none
Officers Present: Bruno Brandli, Darby Brandli, Colleen Hogan, Carl Pagter
Members Present: Jessica Furui, Yoseff Tucker (first part of meeting only)
The Board approved the meeting agenda with one addition
The April meeting minutes were approved as written
FDF 5 Year Strategic Plan:
The planning committee has had two meetings so far and reported that 1) the Father’s Day Festival page on the CBA website has been activated and 2) an email blast will be going out shortly with a link to purchase FDF tickets online. The two newest members of the committee, Jessica Furui and Yoseff Tucker, introduced themselves to the board and were thanked for stepping up to offer their time and expertise.
GV Streaming Project Update:
There was nothing new to report. The goal is possible live streaming at the 2017 FDF.
2016 GV Festival:
David Brace reported that everything is on track for the festival. He was approached by a caterer who offered to provide an invitation-only dinner Friday night at the festival in exchange for program advertising, which the board approved.
FDF Schedule 2017:
This item tabled to the next meeting.
IBMA – Frank Solivan Kids:
The board approved using the CBA credit card to reserve two rooms for kid’s families at IBMA. The parents will pay for the rooms themselves once there.
Public Radio Support:
Mark Hogan asked the board to write a letter of support for KOWS Radio (107.3 FM), a small public radio station in Sebastopol that is trying to build an antenna to increase broadcast range. The board agreed to support it since public radio is one of the only places that features bluegrass and old time music in regular programming.
CBA Volunteer Workshop at IBMA:
Maria Nadauld received a suggestion that the CBA put on a workshop at IBMA on how to make best use of volunteers. Questions arose about who would take on the responsibility and the logistics of running it. Maria agreed to look into it further and bring her findings to the next meeting.
Otter Opry Concert:
Area VP Larry Phegley submitted a preliminary budget for a Sideline concert on Nov. 7 in Monterey. This band is represented by a current board member so there is a potential conflict of interest. The board agreed to form a committee to establish a clear Conflict of Interest Policy for the CBA that is in accordance with IRS Form 900 and state laws governing non-profit organizations. It was agreed that the policy must be clear up front so that current board members and any CBA member considering running for the board understands how their business or livelihood may be impacted by serving. Approval of the Sideline concert was tabled until this policy is in place.
Executive Committee Report:
Tim Edes stated that there were no significant actions by the committee between meetings.
Membership Report:
Larry Phegley reported that membership number as of May 1st was 2707. It decreased a bit from last month which is unusual at this time of the year.
Treasurer’s Report:
Montie Elston announced that he does not plan to run for the board next term and recommends that the board appoint Valerie Cornejo as Treasurer. The Treasurer does not have to be a board member but will be required to attend meetings quarterly. Discussion ensued about a possible Assistant Treasurer and also the possibility of creating an audit committee to review the financials annually.
Music Camp Report:
Geoff Sargent reported that total registration for music camp is currently 188. A full camp is 210-220. Set-up will not start until Sunday 6/12 because the Fairgrounds has another event there on Saturday.
Youth Program Report:
–Darby Brandli reported that the security checks have begun for youth program volunteers.
–The CBA is participating in the Berkeley Bluegrass Festival next weekend and will have a booth there. Two youth bands are playing and lots of KOB kids will be performing.
–Darby has only given out 4 musical family comps so far. She usually awards 10-12 and asked people to let her know if they think of a family who would benefit from a festival comp.
Area Activities VP Reports:
–Mark Hogan (North Bay) – Mark distributed the final financial report for the SCB&FF with a 10-year comparison at the Sebastopol Community Center venue. The festival came out slightly ahead despite the rain and flooding that affected attendance this year.
–Mark is working with the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce and Cloverdale Arts Council on a possible collaboration for the Cloverdale Fiddle Festival in 2017. They are interested in doing a 2-day event on Memorial Day Weekend. The CBA normally sponsors two youth divisions for the contest itself.
–Larry Phegley (South Bay/Monterey Bay) – Larry reported that attendance at the Morgan Hill jam is up but the one in Monterey is down. A jam that started at a local liquor store broke up because BMI came by and demanded payment.
–Bruno Brandli (East Bay) – Bruno reported that a new monthly jam started up at a small microbrew near the Oakland Airport called Cleophus Quealy.
President’s Report:
Darby Brandli had nothing additional to report.
Chairman’s Report:
Tim Edes reported that he has lined up The Boxcars for Night at the Grange on Feb. 25, 2017.
Next meeting is set for Saturday July 16 at 10:00 AM, Brandli home, 2106 9th Ave., Oakland, CA 94606
Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.