Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2016-07

Assistant Chair Geoff Sargent called the meeting to order at 10:05 AM at the Brandli home, 2106 9th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94606.
Board Members Present: David Brace, Mikki Feeney, Dave Gooding, Mark Hogan, Larry Phegley, Geoffrey Sargent, Maria Nadauld
Board Members Absent: Tim Edes, Montie Elson, Steve Goldfield, Jim Ingram
Officers Present: Bruno Brandli, Darby Brandli, Colleen Hogan, Carl Pagter, Lucy Smith
The board approved the meeting agenda with six changes.
The May minutes were approved as written.
Conflict of Interest Report:
The committee is still working on the policy and will have more information at the next meeting.
FDF 5 Year Strategic Plan Report:
1. Chuck Poling is the newest member of the committee.
2. They developed a mission statement and goals:
— Mission: Establish a five-year plan to ensure viability, growth and profitability of the Father’s Day Festival.
— Goals:
    a. Improve FDF branding
    b. Increase profitability
    c. Increase attendance through marketing/outreach
    d. Increase user experience
3. John Gooding, the CBA’s Teen Ambassador, volunteered to keep up the CBA’s social media presence.
4. They are creating a proposal for a separate Fathers’ Day Festival website.
GV Streaming Project Update:
This committee is still in the information gathering phase and will have more information in a few months.
FDF Schedule 2017:
This item tabled due to Jim Ingram’s absence.
Request to Rename Vern’s Stage:
The CBA received a request to rename the Vern’s Stage at the Father’s Day Festival to the “Vern & Ray’s Stage”. The board considered the pros and cons but decided not to make a change.
Emcee Remarks Onstage:
The Board agreed to develop emcee guidelines similar to band guidelines to make it clear what the CBA considers appropriate onstage conduct.
Monthly Kids Jam at Freight and Salvage:
The Freight & Salvage has offered to host a monthly kids’ jam starting in September/October of this year. The only cost to the CBA will be to run a security check on the volunteer who will run it.
IBMA Budget Report:
Lucy Smith, IBMA Liaison, presented a budget proposal for IBMA 2016, which the board approved.
August Board Meeting Location:
It was confirmed that the next meeting will be held at The Grove Restaurant, 7511 Pacheco Pass Hwy, Hollister, CA 95023.
Setting Retrospective Date:
The FDF Retrospective has been set for the September meeting. Officers and coordinators were asked to send their reports to David Brace beforehand.
Freight & Salvage Benefit for Bill Evans’ Wife:
The Freight will host the Bill & Kathy Evans Family Benefit on Friday September 2 to help with medical costs for Kathy Evans. As a show of support, the CBA will provide volunteers and run free ads in the Bluegrass Breakdown.
New Coordinator for CBA Youth Academy:
The board approved Paul Elwell to take on the role of Youth Academy Coordinator. Darby Brandli will continue to negotiate contracts, handle publicity, etc., and Paul will manage the daily operations and infrastructure.
Selection Process for IBMA KOB:
The CBA’s current selection process for sending kids to IBMA does not meet IBMA’s March deadline. Darby Brandli proposed that she form a committee to work on changing the process. The objective is to draft the process/submission procedure in time to publish in September, screen applicants in October/ November with final selection of 4-6 kids by February.
Automatic Membership Renewal:
The Board discussed changing the online membership renewal language to allow members to “opt-in” to automatically renew their membership.
The board approved a small grant for each of the five children attending IBMA as CBA Youth Program representatives, as they have in prior years.
Otter Opry Concert:
Larry Phegley submitted a budget to hire Sideline at the November 7 Otter Opry concert in Monterey. The board decided to approve this on a non-precedent setting basis until the Conflict of Interest Policy for hiring bands represented by a board member is finalized and published.
Fall Campout:
The board voted to increase the RV camping fee at the Fall Campout from $25/night to $30/night due to an increase from the Fairgrounds.
Executive Committee Report:
No new items to discuss.
Membership Report:
The membership number at end of June was 2787. The CBA received a check for $750 for the first lifelong membership.
Treasurer’s Report:
Assistant Treasurer Valerie Cornejo handed out and reviewed a full packet of financial reports, including preliminary reports on Music Camp and the FDF.
Music Camp Report:
Camp attendance was down a bit this year but they had a great camp. The coordinators are off until August and will submit a full report when they return.
Youth Program Report:
Darby Brandli has been working on documenting the steps and procedures for the Youth Program so she can pass on the duties to her successor(s).
Area Activities VP Reports:
— Mark Hogan (North Bay) – Mark is in discussion with the venue for the Sonoma County Bluegrass & Folk Festival, as some of the costs and terms are changing.
— Larry Phegley (South Bay/Monterey Bay) – Larry is making sure that local bands know about 1st Night Monterey so they can apply to play there. The advertising will start soon.
President’s Report:
— Darby thanked the board for nominating and approving her Lifetime Membership.
— She feels there may be more the CBA can do to partner with the Freight & Salvage in the future.
Chairman’s Report:
Tim Edes was not present and did not email a report.
Archive Project Report:
Mark Hogan is working with Dave Nielsen and Joe Weed to help move the project along.
Next meeting is set for Sunday August 14 at 11:00 AM, The Grove Restaurant, 7511 Pacheco Pass Hwy, Hollister, CA 95023. Meeting time was changed to 11:00 AM to give festival attendees time to pack up and get to the meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 1:20 p.m.