Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2017-04

Chair Tim Edes called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM on Saturday April 22 at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds in Turlock.
Board Members Present: David Brace, Tim Edes , Mikki Feeney, Jessica Furui, Steve Goldfield, Dave Gooding, Mark Hogan, Jim Ingram, Larry Phegley, Geoffrey Sargent
Board Members Absent: Maria Nadauld
Officers, Coordinators and Members Present: Darby Brandli, Rick Cornish, Valerie Cornejo, Montie Elston, John Hettinger, Colleen Hogan, Ted Kuster, Carl Pagter, Kim Smith, Lucy Smith, Bruno Brandli, Emil Nishi, Christine Wilhoyte, John Gooding, Joshua Gooding, John Erwin, Jim Fissori, Chuck Poling, Jeanie Poling, Bob Schwartz, Kelly McCabe, Ryan Breen, Stan Allen, Steve Tilden, Randy Murillo, Dan Aguayo, Rowan McCallister, Jena Fiamingo, T.J. Carskadan, Faye Downs, Bill Downs, Jacob Gooding, Hailey Pexton, Yoseff Tucker, Nina Weisman, Rich Evans, Stuart Sims, Charlene Sims, Jack Pierce, Rich Ferguson, Jennifer (Yennie) Brecheisen, Frank Solivan, Diana Donnelly, Dave Nielsen, Jonathan Bluemel, Maria Meza-Murillo, Mary Tildon, Randy Shelton, Ron Esparza, Bill Norman, Hideaki Mizuno, Bruce Sadownick, Mark Haskett, Cliff Compton, Whit Washburn, Sharon Elliott, Brandon Godman, Amy Scher, Eryest Gudel, Tom Diamant, Larry Crisman, Glenda Lew, Vaughn Lew, Jeremy Pollock, Jennifer Flores, Scott Gates, Safiyyah Outlaw, Tessa Schwartz, Helen Lude, Randy January, Dennis Lawson, Larry Burch
The meeting agenda was approved with one addition.
The March 12, 2017 minutes were approved as written.
— The Campout Coordinators were acknowledged for putting on another successful event.
— It was announced that it is no longer necessary for patrons to enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with their FDF ticket purchase since most tickets are sent via email.
Pride Parade Update:
— Fundraising has already exceeded the $10K goal
— Funds not needed to support the Pride Parade will be used for the July 4th parade in Alameda
— The float itself will display three logos: CBA, IBMA and Bluegrass Situation
— There will be a live feed on the float, sponsored by Bluegrass Situation
— There are several concerts planned, including one on Thursday 6/22 at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco, co-sponsored by Bluegrass Situation and No Depression
— An afterparty is planned at SOMA Street Food Park at the foot of Market Street
An organized discussion ensued in which 31 members on both sides of the issue spoke for a maximum of 2 minutes each. The board did not comment during the discussion. At the end, they thanked everyone for remaining focused and respectful while people voiced their opinions.
Pride Parade Reconsideration:
The Chairman Emeritus thanked those who addressed the board and commented that the orderly way in which the discussion took place displayed the essence of democracy. He expressed concern that the CBA’s participation in the Pride Parade divides the membership; however, there was no motion to rescind the decision made in January.
FDF 5 Year Plan Update:
The planning committee is in conversation with several different designers regarding potential logo redesign. They are on track to present their top pick to the board later in the summer.
2017 FDF Update and Golf Carts:
The wording of the 3-year contract that the Nevada County Fairgrounds created was not entirely satisfactory so the CBA signed for 1-year only.
It was determined that the CBA will allow the use of golf carts for handicapped individuals with certain stipulations:
— They must carry $100K in liability insurance
— They must be licensed to drive the golf cart
— The carts are only allowed in designated areas
Humane Society Booth Proposal:
The board agreed to move forward with a proposal to hold a dog adoption booth at the FDF working with Sammie’s Friends, a nonprofit animal shelter in Grass Valley.
IBMA KOB Update:
In addition to the four kids chosen by the KOB Selection Committee, the producer of IBMA’s Kids on Bluegrass program is talking to several additional CBA kids about performing.
Comp Tickets:
Comp tickets will be emailed this year instead of mailed to cut down on costs.
Mercantile Trailer:
The board approved the cost to replace the logo on the mercantile trailer.
CD Donation for FDF Tickets:
As in prior years, the CBA accepted an in-kind donation of several large boxes of CDs in exchange for (2) FDF tickets. The CDs are used in raffles and giveaways.
Alameda Fourth of July Float Proposal:
A youth-themed float is planned for the 4th of July parade in Alameda. The truck and trailer have been donated and the superstructure from the Pride parade float will be re-used. This was approved in January as part of an overall outreach effort using excess funds raised for the Pride parade.
2018 FDF Logo:
The board agreed on the graphic designer to develop the 2018 FDF logo.
Bluegrass Breakdown:
A suggestion to reduce print production of the Breakdown to bi-monthly instead of monthly was tabled until a time when the board can consider an overall strategic plan.
Entertainment Contracts:
Artists cannot bring their own sound equipment to the Father’s Day Festival but the board agreed that the specific sound company that the CBA uses does not need to be listed in the contract.
Jim Ingram announced that this will be his last year as Entertainment Coordinator for FDF, which includes the job of contract review. He will write an article for the Breakdown announcing the open position and hopes to start training someone during the 2017 festival.
2018 Great 48:
The 2017 Great 48 was a success with over 222 guests staying in the host hotel for a total of 525 room nights and many others staying nearby. Surveys showed that 97% of the attendees were happy with the Marriott. There were a few concerns that will be resolved next year. The 2018 budget was approved with one opposed.
Discussion ensued about the intent of the 48 Hour Jam and whether the CBA should get involved with concert promotion at the event. In the end, the board agreed to financially support the concert in 2018 and see if it will attract the numbers that the committee anticipates. The concert budget was approved with one opposed.
Executive Committee Report:
The Executive Committee approved donating FDF tickets to raffle at the Cloverdale Fiddle Festival.
Membership Report:
Membership is up to 2,770. The CBA has seen a marked increase in new membership and renewals.
Treasurer’s Report:
The treasurer emailed the financial reports to board members before the meeting. She invited directors to contact her directly if they have any questions.
Music Camp Report:
Music Camp registration is up to 159. The committee is looking at a potential site for a winter camp in Sonoma County.
Youth Program Report:
— The board approved an increase in the cost to produce Youth Program t-shirts, hats and brochures.
— Youth Academy has been sold out but one slot just opened-up due to a cancellation.
— The $6,000 fundraising goal for the Scholarship Fund has been surpassed.
— Four family comps to FDF have been awarded so far and four are pending.
Area Activities VP Reports:
Larry Phegley (South Bay/Monterey Bay) – Everything is stable in his area. Larry is about to attend a bluegrass festival in Japan.
Mark Hogan (North Bay) – The Cloverdale Old Time Fiddle Festival was small but had a good outcome. Mark is hoping that someone from CSOTFA District 10 will step up to run the contest portion next year, otherwise this event will not continue.
John Hettinger (Sacramento) – John reported that there are at least 10 jams in his general area. He sends an e-newsletter to about 800 people. He is planning a big potluck and jam in August.
Stan Allen (Central San Joaquin) – Stan handed out the Bluegrass in the Park schedule. The bands are payed with tips from the crowd so there is no financial output. He is promoting CBA membership in his area through raffles with items donated by local businesses. There’s a monthly jam in his area that rotates to different people’s homes.
Lucy Smith (Butte/Tehama County) – Lucy reported that she sends a newsletter to about 350 people. She has held two CBA-sponsored concerts so far this year: Banjo Extravaganza and John Reichman. Coming up is Laurie Lewis on June 2 and Rob Ickes/Trey Hensley on July 7th.
Lucy gave a quick report on IBMA preparations: the hotel rooms and suites have been reserved. She is in the process of choosing the host team and working on the food and drink sponsors.
Ted Kuster (Statewide Activities VP)
— Ted is holding a meeting for Area Activities VPs right after the board meeting.
— He is traveling to the Los Angeles area next week and will touch-base with members in southern California.
— Tony Pritchett resigned from the Riverside area so Ted is looking for someone to replace him.
— He is talking to Maria Elena Quale about taking on part of the East Bay since it is so large.
President’s Report:
President Darby Brandli acknowledged the board and membership for how the Bluegrass Pride issue was handled. She kept close track of the increase in membership and reported that well over 100 new members have joined that were directly related to Pride events.
Chairman’s Report:
Chair Tim Edes announced that he has hired Volume Five for Night at the Grange in 2018. They will play the night before in Shingle Springs. After more than 15 years on the board, he does not plan to run in 2017. He also plans to step down from his position as Assistant Father’s Day Festival Director with the hopes that someone new will step up.
Next meeting is set for 10:00 AM on Saturday May 20 at the Brandli home, 2106 9th Ave., Oakland, CA
Meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.