Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2018-05

Chair Geoff Sargent called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM on Saturday May 19 at the home of Dave & Theresa Gooding, 379 Eagle Lane, Vacaville.  
Board Members Present:  David Brace, Yennie Brecheisen, Bruce Campbell, Brandon Godman, David Gooding, Mark Hogan, Chuck Hurd, Larry Phegley, Geoffrey Sargent. Jessica Furui attended by phone. 
Board Members Absent:  Mikki Feeney 
Officers and Coordinators Present:  Valerie Cornejo, Colleen Hogan, Deb Livermore. Ted Kuster attended by phone for the Salesforce and Pride updates.   
The agenda was approved with 8 additions. 
The minutes of the April 21, 2018 were approved as written. 
FDF Coordinator Updates: 
Volunteers are still needed but the coordinator positions are covered for 2018. All volunteers must be CBA members.  
FDF Business: 
–The Nevada County Fairgrounds is still working on the pond restoration but guarantee that the grounds will be ready in time for the festival. There is a contingency plan in case it is not done in time. The RVs may have to move forward in one area due to a pile of dirt in the way. 
–There will be no volunteer hospitality setup this year. 
–Two luxury tents will be set up as an advertising incentive and the CBA will keep the proceeds. 
–The Fire Marshall codes have changed; therefore, there may be some changes with the fire inspection. 
–The Association Booths are moving to a new location. 
–Bluegrass Karaoke will be Friday night from 5:45-7:15pm in the Sugar Pine Lodge. It is limited to 25 slots. It didn’t make it into the program schedule but will be advertised at the festival.  
SCB&FF Report: 
Colleen Hogan presented the final financial report for the 18th annual Sonoma County Bluegrass & Folk Festival. The festival was a success again this year. 
FDF Reporting for Retrospective: 
Colleen Hogan recommended that we move forward with creating a simple form for coordinators and directors to use to report on their area, as discussed at prior meetings. A committee was formed to finalize the format. As Board Secretary, Colleen will take accountability for compiling the reports for the retrospective meeting. 
Spring Campout 2018 Report: 
Campout Coordinator Deb Livermore presented the financial results of the Spring Campout in Turlock. There were several problems with the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, including a wedding going on during the campout. 
Salesforce Update: 
Ted Kuster reported that the import of membership data into Salesforce has been a slow process. He has been building out the volunteer features in the meantime. 
Spring Campout 2019: 
The board approved moving the Spring 2019 campout to the Lodi Grape Festival Fairgrounds but will continue to consider other venues. 
CBA Attorney: 
Whit Washborn is retiring and Bob Schwartz has agreed to be the new legal advisor to the CBA. 
Jabra Phone: 
The board approved the expense to purchase a quality wireless conference phone for use at meetings. 
CD Donation – Comp Request: 
A large CD donation was approved in exchange for two FDF tickets. The CDs are used in raffles and giveaways.  
Executive Committee: 
The ExCom took two actions between meetings: 
–Approved the donation of two tickets for raffle at a fundraiser for the family of Wesley Robertson, longtime KWMR DJ, who passed away early this year. 
–Approved the revised Great 48 budget. 
Larry Phegley reported that the CBA currently has 2,642 members, which is down a little bit from normal at this time of year. We have a new “patron” member.  
Valerie Cornejo reported on the current Balance Statement, P&L and Pride budget. She advised the board that she may be moving to Idaho, in which case we would need to find a new treasurer. If this occurs, she will do whatever she can to help with the transition. 
Music Camp: 
There was no Music Camp update. 
Youth Program & President’s report: 
Darby Brandli reported the following via email: 
–All youth activities at FDF are on track. They are doing more security checks on volunteers this week. 
–Room is needed at the Mercantile table to sell Youth Program shirts, hats, and sweatshirts.  
Pride Report: 
San Francisco Area VP Ted Kuster reported the following: 
–There are a several fundraising events leading up to the Parade 
–The Helman family made a major contribution that will help meet the $10K goal 
–Laurie Lewis and Larry Cohea are scheduled at the after-party as “Friends of Bluegrass Pride”. 
–Della Mae will be the band on the float this year 
–The labor and space to build the new float has been donated. The float is designed to collapse and re-use at other events. 
Area Activities VP’s: 
Mark Hogan (North Bay) – Mark has taken over as President of the Sonoma County Folk Society, the nonprofit partner that helps produce the Sonoma County Bluegrass & Folk Festival. He is starting to work on the lineup for the 2019 festival. The jam at Hopmunk Brewery in Sebastopol is going well.  
Larry Phegley (South Bay/Monterey Bay) – Larry has been out of the country in Japan. He recently visited Michaels on Main in Socal and liked the venue. They’ve been featuring a lot of bluegrass. 
Bruce Campbell (Contra Costa) – Bruce reported that the monthly open mike jam at Armando’s in Martinez continues to go well. There is a new jam in Concord. 
President’s Report: 
Formal withdrawals from the CBA over Pride are now at two dozen. Darby recommends we develop a response to send to those who have withdrawn. 
Chair’s Report: 
Geoff Sargent reminded everyone that the Father’s Day Festival is a good time to recruit new volunteers and coordinators. A poster will be created to help advertise the needs. 
The next meeting is 10:00 AM on Sunday, July 15 at Creek Monkey Tap House in Martinez.  
The meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM.