Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2018-12

Chair Geoff Sargent called the meeting to order at 10:35 am on Sunday December 8. This meeting was conducted via teleconference.  
Board Members Present:  Patrick Campbell, Jessica Furui, Brandon Godman, David Gooding, Chuck Hurd, Kara Kundert, Steve Ladonga, Larry Phegley, Geoffrey Sargent  
Board Members Absent:  Bruce Campbell, Mark Hogan 
Officers, Coordinators and Members Present:  Darby Brandli, Val Cornejo, Montie Elston, Colleen Hogan 
The agenda was approved with three additions. 
The November 18, 2018 minutes were approved as written. 
Great 48 Update
The Board reviewed some pending items for the upcoming Great 48 including confirming that there will be a CBA welcome table in the hotel lobby, that there is a conference room for the Saturday meeting, and some additional expenses that weren’t included in the original budget. 
Bluegrass Breakdown Update 
The Board approved moving forward with a new proofing process for the Bluegrass Breakdown.  
Father’s Day Festival Retrospective 
Other than the Music Camp Report, which has not yet been sent to the Board, there are no new items to add to the 2018 Retrospective Report. Ticket prices were discussed but the Board agreed to revisit this in September for FDF 2020. They also agreed to create an operating calendar that includes timelines for significant decisions regarding the FDF and other major board actions.  
Board Policies and Procedure Manual
A few new documents have been added by the Treasurer and FDF Director. Board members were reminded to send the Secretary electronic versions of policies and procedures as they are finalized. 
Bluegrass Fire Relief 
As of Dec. 7, 2018, $43K had been raised with several benefit concerts still planned. Fundraising is on pace to meet the $50K goal by the end of the year.  The Committee and/or Board needs to develop a procedure for disbursing the funds to fire victims who lost instruments. We are still in the process of identifying the specific needs. Deering Banjos has offered discounts for fire victims to replace their instruments. It was agreed that the CBA will pass this information along to fire victims but not get involved in actual replacement. 
Event Policy Revision
The Event Policy needs to be revised to indicate that benefit concerts are exempt from ASCAP & BMI fees. This will be put back on the agenda in January. 
Father’s Day Festival 2019 
–It was acknowledged that we need to aggressively recruit in order to have people in place to shadow the Festival Director, Assistant Director and other key positions at the 2019 Festival.  
–The Board approved a new procedure for contract approval. 
–The Festival Director received authorization to explore two new expenses related to the festival 1) rental of additional tables beyond what the Fairgrounds supplies and 2) rental or purchase of mats or some other means to protect sound and electrical cables from the stage to sound booth. 
Liability and minor faculty/teaching assistants at Music Camp
The Music Camp Directors have decided they will not hire minors as teaching assistants at Music Camp to avoid potential liability.   
Budget for Jeff Scroggins and Colorado Otter Opry Concert
The Board approved the budget for the Jeff Scroggins & Colorado concert as presented.  
Unbroken Benefit Budget
The budget for the “Unbroken” benefit concert was approved as presented. Net proceeds will be divided between several other nonprofit organizations that are helping with fire relief. 
Executive Committee Report 
The Executive Committee took one action between meetings which was to write a grant to the IBMA Foundation to request money to help defray the cost of a full Music Camp scholarship for a Japanese student and to provide a stipend to a professional Japanese performer to conduct a workshop and perform on Vern’s Stage at FDF 2019.  
Membership Report
The Membership Coordinator reported that he emailed 243 people in Butte and Ventura Counties notifying them that the CBA comped them a year of membership. The total CBA membership number on Dec. 1st was 2775. 
Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer reviewed the balance sheet comparison that she sent prior to the meeting. The CBA is in a better cash position than this time last year. She pointed out that we should work towards having enough cash reserves to cover failure of a Father’s Day Festival. She continues to work on the 2019 budget. 
Youth Program Report 
Fundraising for the Youth Program is behind where we normally are at this time of year, partially due to the efforts that went towards raising money for fire victims. There may be a special fundraising event in the Sprint. The Board approved Jared Katz as Youth Jam Coordinator at the Father’s Day Festival.

Area Activities VP Reports
Larry Phegley (South Bay/Monterey Bay) – Larry reported that the Otter Opry has become more active as a bluegrass venue.  
President’s Report 
President Darby Brandli reminded the Board to use a new email address for publicity: [email protected]. She suggested we form a subcommittee to look at overall publicity efforts.  
Chair’s Report
Chair Geoff Sargent reported that Music Camp is looking into getting a subset of the Della Mae band for the Wednesday night concert at Father’s Day Festival. 
Five Year Committee Report 
The committee is going through the current website assessing branding needs. For the time being it is just a matter of replacing the logo. There will be new logo materials at the CBA table at Great 48. 
Tech Committee Report
Most work on TIX has been deferred until after the SalesForce conversion. It was confirmed that the current TIX system does not access the membership database when someone purchases online. 
The next meeting will be Saturday, January 12 at 11AM at The Great 48 in Bakersfield.  
The meeting adjourned at  12:25 pm.