Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2019-09

Chair Geoff Sargent called the meeting to order at 10:05 am on Sunday, September 15 at the Brandli home, 2106 9th Avenue, Oakland, CA. 
Board Members Present:  Bruce Campbell, Patrick Campbell, Mark Hogan, Chuck Hurd, Kara Kundert, Steve Ladonga, Larry Phegley, and Geoff Sargent. Brandon Godman joined the meeting at 11am via conference line. 
Board Members Absent:  Dave Gooding  
Officers, Coordinators and Members Present:  Darby Brandli, Valerie Cornejo and Colleen Hogan. Jack Pierce participated in the first part of the meeting. 
The agenda was approved with eight additions. 
The minutes of the August 25, 2019 meeting were approved as written. 
Great 48 Update: 
Jack Pierce, South San Joaquin Area VP and Great 48 Committee Chair, gave an update on the 2020 Great 48 Jam scheduled for Jan. 9-12, 2020 at the Marriott Hotel in Bakersfield: 
–The Marriott Hotel is already 92% full, approaching 500 room nights.  
–Instead of the band scramble Saturday night, there will be open mic from 10pm-midnight in the ballroom. Bands can sign up for 30-minute timeslots. 
–The two California bands hired for the Friday night concert are Old Pals and Central Valley Boys. –Concert tickets go on sale Oct 1 for $27 each with the objective of selling at least 200 tickets.  
— The committee is working on local advertising/media coverage and sponsorships. About 75% of the people who attend the concert are not jammers and many are locals. 
The Board approved the final Great 48 budget which falls within the guidelines provided to the committee last April. Jack Pierce and the Great 48 Committee were thanked for a job well done. 
Update on Annual Report: 
This item moved to Closed Session. 
The details are coming together for the CBA tradeshow booth and showcase at IBMA. There are plans for bands to play informally at the booth during the day as well as at the more formal showcases scheduled in a ballroom at night.

Sales Force Status / Future: 
Ted Kuster plans to work on completing the Sales Force project as part of his nonprofit management degree.  
Website Management: 
–The Board discussed reconstructing the CBA website so that others can make changes more easily. 
–The current FDF website is going down Oct. 1 and a new one needs to be constructed. 
Status of FDF Mercantile Booth: 
This item tabled to a future meeting. 
Budget Review and Fiscal Year Alignment Change: 
–Treasurer Valerie Cornejo sent the Board current financials before the meeting. There are no significant changes to the budget or balance sheet.  
–The Board officially approved changing the CBA’s fiscal year to October 1 through September 30 to better align with CBA programs and the federal fiscal year. 
–The Board approved granting the Treasurer access to CBA investment accounts. 
California Showcase Update: 
It was confirmed that the Board wants to approve the FDF California Showcase recommendations in September rather than October, as discussed at the August meeting. The band selections were confirmed in Closed Session. 
Review of Membership Survey: 
Kara Kundert presented the results of the surveys conducted at the “MyCBA” booth at FDF 2019. A total of 75 people took the surveys: 54 members, 21 non-members. There were four versions of the survey designed to gather a wide range of information. 
Otter Opry Budgets: 
The Board approved the budgets for two upcoming Otter Opry concerts to be held at the United Methodist Church in Monterey: Honeysuckle Possums, 11/9/19, and Evie Laden Band, 3/27/20. 
Japanese Grant Compliance: 
Chair Geoff Sargent stated there is nothing new to report regarding compliance with the grant approved last spring. There is no reporting deadline with IBMA.  
Father’s Day Festival Retrospective: 
The Board spent the bulk of the meeting time reviewing the reports submitted by FDF Coordinators. The notes of this report are contained in a separate document. 
REPORTS Note that due to time restraints, most of the routine reports were tabled. 
Executive Committee Report: 
Geoff Sargent reported that the Executive Committee took two actions between meetings: 
–Declined an offer from someone who wanted to purchase an instrument on loan from the CBA Lending Library. The instruments are for loan only. 
–Approved a comp ticket exchange with the Western Folk Life Society for a silent auction. 
Chair’s Report: 
–Geoff Sargent reported that one of our members asked to record Carl Pagter’s account of the history of the CBA; however, this recording has already occurred. Mark Hogan, Archive Project Co-Coordinator, noted that Joe Weed’s taped interviews with Carl Pagter, Jack Sadler and J.D. Rhynes were recently turned over to a documentarian for editing. 
–Geoff asked the Board to consider the best structure for the role of Chair before the October meeting. It is possible that the Assistant Chair and Executive Committee can be utilized as a resource to help insure better responsiveness and follow-up.  
The next meeting was confirmed for 10am on Sunday October 20th at the CBA Fall Campout, Lodi Fairgrounds, 413 E. Lockford St., Lodi, CA 95240. 
The meeting adjourned at 3:35 PM.