Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2020-03


Chair Geoff Sargent called the meeting to order at 11:03am on Sunday, March 15, 2020. The meeting was held at Mary’s Pizza Shack in Sebastopol, CA.
Board Members Present: Patrick Campbell, Larry Phegley, Brandon Godman, David Gooding, Karen Celia Heil, Chuck Hurd, Pete Ludé, Geoffrey Sargent.
Board Members joining by Phone: Kara Kundert, Steve Ladonga
Board Members Absent: None
Officers, Coordinators and Members Present: Theresa Gooding, Mark Hogan
Officers, Coordinators and Members joining by Phone: Darby Brandli, Valerie Cornejo, Peter Langston, Deb Livermore, Joe Michaels, Maggie Sokolik and Tina Webster. 
The agenda was approved with minor changes.
The February 15, 2020 meeting minutes were approved with the corrections proposed in Draft Rev 3 
Spring Campout April 13-19 in Lodi, California 
Deb Livermore reported that CBA has a contract with the Lodi Fairgrounds. There are no updates regarding changes due to the Coronavirus impact, but there are no financial risks to CBA if the event needs to be cancelled. Current California State guidelines prohibit groups of 250 people or more from gathering, to prevent spread of COVID-19, and a further announcement today (March 15) suggests a limit of 50 people. The usual attendance at the Campout is over 250 campers, with about 200 attending dinner. Mr. Hogan reminded the board that the decision on the Spring Campout impacts the planned State Fiddle contest on April 17-18. A motion to cancel 2020 Spring Campout for public health reasons was approved.
Sonoma County Bluegrass and Folk Festival – March 14, 2020, Sebastopol
Mark Hogan reported that regrettably, the Festival was cancelled due to COVID-19 health concerns. One of the headliner acts is 79 years of age, with underlying health conditions which caused him to cancel. Other acts also needed to cancel. Most sponsors and advanced ticket purchasers did not request a refund.
Father’s Day Festival – Coronavirus impact – was discussed in closed session. Mr. Lude’ summarized his Risk Assessment Report which was earlier submitted to the Board. A motion was approved for CBA to adopt a policy to offer a full refund for those that purchased an advance ticket, Youth Academy or Music Camp registration, or paid camping fees, in the event the Festival and Music Camp by cancelled for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Father’s Day Festival – Prospective Issues
Mr. Sargent requested status updates on contracts , which were reviewed.
Photo Site Update Report — Patrick Campbell
Mr. Campbell distributed a preview URL link to the beta version of a CBA photo archive site, for review by the Board. This beta site uses the Zenfolio platform, and has been set up by Robin Fernette as an on-line repository of high-quality photos. Photos from the current three CBA photographers, and archive photos from the past will be added. Karen Walters has boxes of archive photo prints in storage that will be digitized and added to the electronic archive in the future. A minor hosted fee for the site was approved by board motion.
CBA Report Fundraising Ad-Hoc Committee Report — Patrick Campbell
Mr. Campbell reported that the effort has been put on hold due to impact of the coronavirus pandemic, so no mailings will be made.
CBA Report Social Media — Pete Ludé and Kara Kundert
Mr. Ludé stated that a Social Media Strategy Report, which he co-authored with Kara Kundert, was sent to the Board for review on March 13. He encouraged the Board to review and comment on the strategy outlined therein. The report includes a specific recommendation for the Board to appoint a volunteer Social Media Director, and to appoint a board member to serve as Social Media Liaison.  The board approved a motion for Tessa Schwartz to be appointed as Volunteer Social Media Director, and Kara Kundert as Social Media Liaison, with duties and responsibilities as outlined in the CBA Social Media Strategy Report ver 2.2, dated 14 March 2020. 
Board Candidate voting by Mail
Discussion of this topic will be postponed until a future meeting.
Bill and Faye Downs and Lifetime Member
Lynn Quinones and Jill Cruey were selected as winners of the 2020 Bill and Faye Downs Award. Lifetime Achievement Award inductees were selected to be Neil V Rosenberg and Neil & Irene Evans .
2021 Father’s Day Festival T-shirt design – Geoff Sargent
Mr. Sargent presented the two options created for the graphics artist for the Festival logo for 2021. The Board members voted on their preferred design.
Exec Committee: No report
Membership Report – Larry Phegley
Membership is at 2,591, which is down nearly 10% from last year, due to non-renewals of new members associated with the Fire Relief fund. It appears membership is slightly down from 2017 and 2018 as well – the lowest in four years. Mr. Phegley reports that Area VP’s should be reaching out to non-renewal members, but are not.
Treasurer’s Report – Valerie Cornejo
Ms. Cornejo reported that CBA Finances are solid as of February 28, but a potential cancellation of the Father’s Day Festival and Music Camp could severely affect the situation. She recommends that the Finance Committee study the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic for the remainder of 2020.
Youth Program Report – Darby Brandli
No Report
Area VP Reports
South Bay Area: Larry Phegley reported on plans for an Otter Opry show in Monterey with Evie Ladin on March 27
Sonoma: Mark Hogan reported that all efforts had gone into the Sonoma County Folk and Bluegrass Festival scheduled for this weekend, but now, regrettably, cancelled due to impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.
No other reports were presented.
Finance Committee Report – Theresa Gooding
The Committee has not convened yet, but will soon.
Board Action Item Status – Pete Ludé
Mr. Ludé reviewed all action items and updated status.
President’s Report – Theresa Gooding
Ms. Gooding reported on meeting Mr. Mark Anderson on the recent Bluegrass Cruise. Anderson is involved with the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Association, and is in the band Monroe Crossing. He has many ideas about how collaborations with CBA, which Theresa will explore.
Chairman’s Report – Geoff Sargent
No Report
The April meeting will be held Sunday, April 5, 2020 starting at 10:00am at the Gooding Residence in Vacaville.
The meeting adjourned at 2:40 pm.