Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2020-05


Chair Geoff Sargent called the meeting to order at 10:03am on Sunday, May 16, 2020. The meeting was held via Zoom web conference.
Board Members Present by Web: Patrick Campbell, Brandon Godman, David Gooding, Karen Celia Heil, Chuck Hurd, Steve Ladonga, Pete Ludé, Larry Phegley, Geoffrey Sargent.
Board Members Absent: Kara Kundert
Officers, Coordinators and Members Present (for portions of the meeting): Stan Allen, Darby Brandli, Valerie Cornejo, Theresa Gooding, Mark Hogan, Peter Langston, Deb Livermore, Lani Way and Tina Webster.
The agenda was approved with one change.
The Meeting Minutes for both the April 5, 2020 and April 22, 2020 minutes were approved, with one correction noted.
Music Camp Donations: Ms. Webster requested information on music camp donations so she can report back to campers. Ms. Cornejo agree to provide the information when the refund and donation activity slows down.
Fall Campout Deb Livermore reported that she has been in contact with the Lodi Grape Festival grounds, and we are still booked for Oct 12-19.
IBMA Plans Mr. Ludé, as IBMA Liaison, reported that the IBMA World of Bluegrass, Business Conference and Awards ceremony may not be held as an in-person event in Raleigh this year due to the pandemic, and even if is held, it is likely to be a smaller event with diminished attendance due to travel and budget constraints. IBMA Coordinator Lani Way reported that a CBA ad-hoc committee has been formed to review strategy recommendations for CBA at IBMA. The committee includes Ms. Way, Chris Quale, Carl Pagter, Ted Kuster and Frank Solivan Sr. Ms. Way invites any other participants from the board in this committee. There have been several meetings held so far, with fruitful discussions on CBA’s history at past IMBA events, goals and future strategy. Based on information available as of today, the committee recommends that CBA not have a booth or suite for IBMA 2020, due to budget, health and travel concerns. The Committee’s strategy discussions will help inform plans for IBMA 2021 and future events. Darby Brandli inquired if IBMA has been notified of CBA’s intent, and Ms. Way said communications are waiting on direction from the board. Ms. Way said there is no cost difference if we notify of cancellation now versus in one month. Mr. Godman and Mr. Gooding suggested that we hold off a final notification to IBMA, pending the possibility that CBA sends a small delegation to attend portions of the event.
Other Events – Peter Langston reports that American Banjo Camp is cancelled – Normally held the weekend after Labor Day – Sept 10. Near Seattle in Puget Sound area.
Great 48 – Mr. Sargent reported that the Bakersfield Marriott has submitted a few proposals for various scenarios for the event, planned for January 2021. Bob Schwartz is reviewing, especially cancellation clause.
Turn Your Radio OnLINE – Mr. Ludé reported on this webcast series starting on May 23. There is significant effort put into the planning, production and technology, including a raffle and online silent auction. A very engaged volunteer group has been contributing significant time, including Deb Livermore, Lisa Burns, Bruce Sadownick, Danny Clark, Tessa Schwartz, Ted Kuster and many others.
On-Line Voting – Geoff Sargent reports that he has been researching, and will have a report for the board at the June meeting. The cost is expected to be about $1,200. He is investigation regulations on electronic voting based on California statutes, and any IRS considerations. The CBA Bylaws are murky – may need to make a change in wording. We will have a more detailed discussion at the next board meeting. Candidate statements were published in the Breakdown in the past. Going forward, we can also use the web site.
Bluegrass Breakdown
Mr. Campbell reminded the participants that in the past, Board meeting minutes have been published in the Breakdown, but the new format does not have sufficient space. He suggests what we use the CBA web site for these minutes going forward. Mr. Ludé reported that the Minute Synopsis for each meeting are already published in the “CBA News Archive” section of the web site. However, due to time constraints, the synopsis for the past few meetings are not yet posted. Mr. Campbell further reported that the May issue went out late, arrived May 11 or 12 due to delays at printer. We may want to include an introduction of the board in July issue. We may also want to introduce membership to our CBA Area VP’s – this will be included soon. There have been a few unsolicited offers to write columns, which are greatly appreciated. Mr. Campbell further noted that we need graphic layout help, and he is looking for volunteers.
Board directory
There was a discussion about what board contact information should be included. It was decided that Mr. Sargent should update the website to delete all Board Member contact information except the member’s alias email.
Grass Valley refunds
Val Cornejo reported that to-day, there has been $115,000 refunded. $15,000 have been converted to donations. $30,600 remains unclaimed. After heavy activity, it has slowed now, for the past two weeks. We should send reminder. So far, about 10% of refunds convert to donations.
Annual Award Presentations
Mr. Phegley inquired as to plans for bestowing the two annual CBA Awards – the Bill and Faye Downs Award, and the Lifetime Achievement award. Ms. Gooding will follow up to explore the best time and place, possibly on the Turn Your Radio OnLine webcast on June 23.
CBA Report
Mr. Campbell reports that 400-500 copies are still available, from the 2,000 printed. The original plan was to send to donors, but this is not working due to the pandemic. That is still acceptable, because plan is not time sensitive. PDF version now being prepared for on-line use. This should be publicized via an email blast. Mr. Campbell recommends that hard-copies of the report are offered for sale – perhaps for $10. No objections were expressed.
Bluegrass in the Park – Stan Allen reports that the event is cancelled. It was planned for the Clovis Veterans Memorial Park on September 11.
Grass Valley Refunds – The CBA published policy is that refunds for all Grass Valley events (Festival, Music Camp, Youth Academy, Camping fees, etc) were available for 90-days, which ends on July 5. It was decided that more reminder notices should be sent.
CBA Historian Position: Mr. Hurd proposes the new volunteer position of CBA Historian. Mark Hogan explained that without an appointed person, donors won’t know who to contact. Mr. Hurd nominates Mark Hogan for this role. Mr. Campbell clarified that the role described is better titled “Archivist” rather than “Historian”. The proposal was approved by the board, with Mark Hogan appointed in this new position, effective immediately.
Archives management / specific request. Mr. Hogan received a request to donate some redundant items currently in the archives to a CBA member who is starting a for-profit on-line sales website. This was discussed, but no specific board action taken.
Executive Committee: The only topic discussed since the last Board Meeting was the Special Request regarding Archive materials – which was just discussed and determined by the Board.
Membership Report – Larry Phegley – normally there is a increase in membership this time of year. However, we took a 50 member hit in April. We will include membership pitch in TYRO.
Treasurer’s Report – Valerie Cornejo circulated reports prior to the meeting. There were no further questions. Total bank funds are $256,000 with $180,000 unrestricted. $42k of that is potential liability, including unclaimed refunds. This results in $138k unrestricted cash, predicted to be about $125k by June 30. We expect a $20k loss from GV. Ms. Cornejo is projecting a $74k loss at end of fiscal year (September 30). In brief – Ms. Cornejo believes we’re weathering the situation very well. The Youth Program (not Youth Academy) donations have been very strong, totaling $9,000.
Youth Program Report – Darby Brandli – No Report
Area VP Reports
Larry Phegley: The pandemic constraints have shut everything down. But sending out weekly emails, sometimes with on-line notices of webcasts and similar events.
Mark Hogan: Sonoma County may be opening up, in which case, some jams may resume.
No other reports were presented.
Finance Committee Report – Theresa Gooding – No Report. Theresa will circulate the charter of the committee and meet prior to the July board meeting.
Board Action Item Status – Pete Ludé
Mr. Ludé reported that the action item list has been updated and is on-line for review.
President’s Report – Theresa Gooding reports that she had brief conversations regarding TYRO and membership outreach, especially for donors to the COVID relief fund. She will send thank-you notes to donors who have contributed so far, and make them aware of TYRO.
Chairman’s Report – Geoff Sargent – Board Meeting dates need to be publicized more diligently. The future meeting dates will be posted to calendar section of web site. Rowan McAllister has not communicated regarding Old Time Campout. Mr. Sargent will follow through to resolve the status of the Campout.
After a brief closed session to discuss contract issues, the agenda was completed. The next meeting has been previously scheduled for Saturday, June 27 by Web conference.
There being no further agenda items, the meeting was adjourned at 1:25pm.