Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis 2020-06


Chair Geoff Sargent called the meeting to order at 10:04am on Saturday, June 27, 2020. The meeting was held via Zoom web conference.
Board Members Present by Web: Patrick Campbell, David Gooding, Karen Celia Heil, Steve Ladonga, Pete Ludé (Secretary), Larry Phegley, Geoffrey Sargent (Chair).
Board Members Absent: Brandon Godman, Chuck Hurd, Kara Kundert
Officers, Coordinators and Members Present (for portions of the meeting): Darby Brandli, Valerie Cornejo, Ted Kuster 
The Secretary noted that Quorum was established.

The agenda was approved with nine changes.
Deferred until next meeting.
Fall Campout
Geoff Suggests that if it is possible to hold Fall Campout, we should try to do so. The dates are October 12- 19. This was followed by discussion on the risks of holding the event due to the continuing pandemic. After further consideration, the board decided it was necessary to cancel the Fall Campout for 2020.
Great 48
Mr. Phegley reported that he has communicated with Jack Pierce regarding the Bakersfield Marriott contract. Under current State regulations, we would not be permitting to hold the event as of today, but we cannot predict the situation in January. Discussion – in the future, contracts should be reviewed more carefully, including cancellation provisions. After further consideration, the board decided it was necessary to cancel the Great 48 event for January 2021.
Turn Your Radio OnLINE
Mr. Ludé reported that the series of five webcasts, silent auction and raffle was very successful. An estimated $30,000 was raised for the COVID relief fund, plus and additional sum of over $12,500 for the webcast performers via the Virtual Tip Jar. There was strong support from volunteers and favorable comments and significant engagement from members and fans. This was followed by discussion on how CBA may continue to use digital communications to engage CBA members. Future events should be considered.
Covid Relief Fund Allocation
At the April 5, 2020 board meeting, an Ad-Hoc committee was assigned to consider and recommend the appropriate allocation of funds raised in the Covid Relief Fund. Kara Kundert was assigned as Chair, but subsequently reported that she did not have sufficient time for this work. Dave Gooding has agreed to chair the committee. Steve Ladonga, Geoff Sargent, and Ted Kuster volunteered to serve on the committee. Karen Celia Heil recused herself. The Committee will convene soon, and report back to the board at the next board meeting.
On-Line Voting
Geoff Sargent reports that he has been researching electronic balloting options, and has done a test ballot with ElectionBuddy, a Canadian firm. The basic price is $600, if we build ballot and handle mailing. As an option, ElectionBuddy will do this for another $600, which is a competitive fee. One issue is how to handle multiple members in a household that share just one email. It is possible to also use SMS in addition to email, or a paper ballot or post cards with a unique log-in code for voting. Mr. Sargent will work with Ted Kuster to evaluate the import of member data from our existing database(s). Mr. Sargent reports that the current CBA Bylaws have been reviewed by an attorney, who advised him that the Bylaws, as written, do allow on-line voting; However, CBA should consider further clarifying the language in the Bylaws to remove any ambiguity. Balloting starts beginning of September.
Bluegrass Breakdown
Mr. Campbell reports that the newly-formatted publication is being sent to 3,000 mail address and 750 email addresses. He is working on weeding out non-deliverable addresses. News items are formatted on outside pages, and the inside focuses on a different theme each month. This month’s theme is the Area VP’s. Mr. Campbell is seeking new writers to contribute content, not just the same columnists, and there have been a few volunteers. He is looking to include multiple contributors from Southern California. He points out that we need a strategy regarding posting of news articles on current web site, versus a possible separate Bluegrass Breakdown website, complemented by a regular email blast pointing to articles, along with the monthly printed Bluegrass Breakdown. No action was taken at this time.
Mr. Gooding reminded us that Board meeting dates and times need to be publicized, and this was previously included in the Bluegrass Breakdown. Mr. Sargent reported that a notice regarding today’s meeting was published on the CBA site, but only recently. We also need to publish an annual financial report. Our fiscal year ends September 30, so the report should be published about November. This can potentially be in the “News” section of the current web site.
Candidate statements for Board member candidates should be on-line, not in the Breakdown.
Festival refunds
Val Cornejo reported that $150,000 in refunds have been distributed. $15,700 has been received in donation conversions, with $12,000 pre-payments still unclaimed. A TIX email has been sent to those who have not responded leading to a flurry of activity.
Is now an online event, but specific plans for conference and showcase remain unclear. The Showcase bands have been announced, and one – Cryin’ Uncle – is from California. CBA would have recognized them at the luncheon, under normal circumstances.
Old Time Campout
Scheduled for the third week in August. Rowan recommends that it be cancelled, and the board approved the cancellation.
2020 Board Election
Mr. Sargent reminds the board that for those choosing to run again, candidate statements must be submitted. Geoff will add an article soliciting new Board candidates for the August Bluegrass Breakdown, an email blast in July and August as well as a Social Media post. Candidate statements should be submitted by August 15 this year., Statements may be posted as a News item on the website, and possibly an email blast. Elections will open September 1.
Greening of CBA
Darby Brandli reports that Ida Winfree has proposed that CBA consider “greening” of CBA events. Mr. Brandli proposes that a committee be formed to formulate recommended policies. The board approved formation of a new committee to explore environmentally friendly CBA policy, and to produce a report with recommendations to the Board within six months. The chair shall by Ida Winfree. Darby Brandli will be the board liaison.
Executive Committee
No action since last meeting
Membership Report
Larry Phegley reports that we received our first “Patron” member for $1,000. However, membership is significantly down. Current membership is 2,514 instead of approximately 2,700 typical for this time of year. In 2019, we signed up 65 new members in June. In the past, CBA has obtained $12,000 in dues during month of June. Ms. Heil suggests that when we disperse COVID relief funds, we encourage recipient artists to become CBA members. Geoff Sargent suggests that we should consider raising membership fees at some point in the next year. Discussion on identifying member value and member engagement – but this is likely a topic better explored after the impact of the pandemic.
Treasurer’s Report
Valerie Cornejo circulated reports prior to the meeting. The balance sheet $250,000 is cash assets, down from $388,000 last year. The Festival impact was a loss of $3,000. It is very difficult to compare the profit/loss statement due to very different circumstances this year.
Youth Program Report
Darby Brandli reports Cryin’ Uncle is an official showcase band for this year’s virtual IBMA event. Ida Winfree and Tessa Schwartz will be on Bluegrass Signal tonight talking about CBA Youth program and their band. Tessa is also MC for the Porch Pride webcast this weekend. Christine Wilhoyte is now participating in the Youth Program.
Finance Committee Report
No report
Area VP Report
Larry Phegley reports that some South Bay jams and performance venues are opening up. Ted Kuster has been talking with new participants in Southern California. He proposes changes to districts, including combining San Diego with Imperial county, and separating LA from Orange County. Regions have been given numbers, with District 1 including Grass Valley.
Board Action Item Status
Mr. Ludé reported that the action item list is online, and he went through the list in order to update the status.
President’s Report: No report
Chairman’s Report: No report
# # #
This concluded the agenda. The next meeting has been previously scheduled for Saturday, July 18 and will be conducted by Web conference.
There being no further agenda items, the meeting was adjourned at 1:47pm.