CBA Youth Program Fundraising Drive

CBA Youth Program Fundraising Drive

It is again time to raise money for the CBA Youth Program. Last year the goal was $8000 and we made it because of your generosity. The CBA Youth Program is funded by donations and no money comes out of the CBA General Fund. The CBA Youth Program funds are administered out of a separate account. We are able to keep expanding our programs and the numbers of young people we serve because of the generosity of our supporters and the little income we derive from Academy tuition and merchandise sales.

The CBA Youth Program now consists of: Kids on Bluegrass, the Instrument Lending Library, FunGrass, the Academy and our new Mentorship Program. We support two public school bluegrass programs and have two more proposed. Last year we printed CBA Youth Program Hoodies and Book Bags in addition to the shirts and hats we printed in 2017. We printed up a small first edition of a Youth Program Songbook and have a second edition in the works. We issue significant amounts of money in scholarships to both the Academy and the CBA Music Camp and issue travel grants to our young musicians chosen to play in the IBMA KOB program. We pay our young musicians to lead Youth Jams, act as Teaching Assistants in the Academy and other events. We also have a CBA VolunTeen Program which high school students use to fulfill their community service school requirement.

The CBA Youth Program is always looking for new ways to support our young members and your suggestions and offers to volunteer are welcome. Our young people are the future of the music and our Association. The easiest way to immediately support the CBA Youth Program is by donating money. All donations are tax deductible because we are a 501c3 organization. The multiple ways to donate are listed below:

1. Checks made out to CBA Youth Program may be sent to me: Darby Brandli, 2106 9th Avenue, Oakland CA 94606

2. You may donate when renewing your membership online.

3. There is a donate button on the website under “Youth Programs”

4. I can take credit card donations over the phone at 510-735-6364.

5. You can give cash to your Area Activities VPs at jams/concerts/events and they will get your cash to me. The San Francisco area routinely busks for the CBA Youth Program. Lucy Smith always donates money gathered at Chico Events.

6. Donate when you purchase your Early Bird Ticket to the 2019 Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival and when you purchase tickets via for a Night at the Grange and the Sonoma County Bluegrass & Folk Festival. 7. Email us at [email protected] and we will direct you to the easiest way to donate.

You may designate that your donation goes to a specific program e.g. Lending Library, Scholarships, Mentorship, KOB, etc. You may also simply donate to the Program and let us direct your dollars where they are most beneficial. Our only monthly expense is for Instrument Storage in a climate controlled storage facility in Roseville and we pay annual insurance premiums and fees to run security checks on our volunteers. We direct dollars to our events at the Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival (snacks, shirts for KOB, supplies for FunGrass etc). We will start issuing scholarships upon request to students enrolling in the Academy and/or CBA Music Camp soon. Scholarships are available to all CBA member children under 18 on demand as funds last. We issued over $6000 in scholarships and grants in 2018. We do know we will need dollars to print our Songbook which we give to our Academy students and this year

hope to distribute to our KOB and Public School programs. We may also sell copies to the public to help defer costs. We sold some of our clothing items in 2017 and 2018.

I want to thank the CBA members who donate year after year to our program and encourage more of you to consider making annual donations to serve our CBA Youth. We would love to be able to raise enough money to consider supporting some of our young musicians who are older than 18 in the future. We have some amazing “graduates” of our program who have hit the bluegrass campuses and national stages and could use CBA support. My goal is to expand our funding to include that group in the future. In the meantime we have increasing numbers of under 18 year olds who can use our support. We are so fortunate to have so many young people interested in bluegrass and old time music in California.