Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass:  Bluegrass Troubadour

Written by:

Brenda Hough


The Paisley and Lundy families have been in bluegrass bands for over 60 years.  Bob Paisley and Ted Lundy started Southern Grass with their sons and played the traditional style bluegrass that still infuses the band’s sound today.  The band now features Danny Paisley on guitar and vocals, his son Ryan on mandolin and vocals, Bobby Lundy on bass and vocals, Mark Delaney on banjo and Matt Hooper on fiddle.

Danny’s voice has the range and power to make any song shimmer.  He has won the IBMA Male Vocalist of the Year award two times, and the vocal harmonies with Ryan and Bobby have that robust blend that bluegrass fans adore.  “Eat at the Welcome Table” has a rousing gospel sound, and Albert Brumley’s “I’d Rather Eat By the Side of the Road” has a strong message to avoid living the life of a king or millionaire and follow the righteous life.  Mark’s banjo provides the rhythm groove for the band and his solos are precise and flow easily with the mandolin and fiddle.  Ryan Paisley is becoming a mandolin master with an incredible display of playing in his original instrumental, “Fancy Gap Runaway.”  Two of Eric Gibson’s songs are featured, the clever “He Can’t Own Them” with advice to accept people as equals, and the “I Was Never Too Much” with  a suitor’s continuing rejections: “if you had wings you couldn’t get off the ground.”  “Date with an Angel” recounts the loves of a farm boy’s life; his tie is adjusted by his mother, wife, and finally his daughter.  Danny has also picked songs with an unexpected twist: a wife runs off with the stranger that stayed in the barn, and a women who left town to search for a finer life returns in her dream limousine, but alas it’s a hearse.  Each vignette is a moment captured in time and given life through Danny’s heartfelt vocals.