Dog Rules

1. Owners must have proof of all required vaccinations, vaccinations must be up-to-date, and dogs must have ID tags on their collars.

2. By bringing their dog to the festival the owner accepts all liability for any injury or property damage caused by their dog and the owner will be solely responsible for any and all cost of repairs, fines or levies by any agency or other party. The California Bluegrass Association maintains no liability for any actions of the dog or its owners.

3. Dogs must be on a short leash, not to exceed six (6) feet, while being walked.

4. Dogs must be confined to a pen or a RV or on a short leash while in camp. No free ranging tethers are allowed.

5. Owners will be required to remove their dog from the grounds if the dog becomes a nuisance by continually barking (for a single time or multiple short intervals) or in any other manner that disturbs other campers or people passing by. This will be strenuously enforced.

6. Dogs should not be left alone for periods of time longer than 45 minutes to an hour.

7. Owners must clean up after their dogs. It is owner’s responsibility to have all the necessary supplies to ensure that other festival attendees have a good experience while at the festival.

8. Dogs will only be allowed in the main camping area. Tent campers in the “Tent Only” area near Gate 4 will not be allowed to keep dogs. Tent Campers with dogs may camp in other areas on the fairgrounds.

9. Dogs will not be allowed at any time (during Music Camp or the Festival) inside the fenced area (near the stages or vendor areas).

10. Dogs are not allowed in the water ditch or the lake.