June 15-18, 2023
Grass Valley, California

Festival Volunteer FAQ

How can I can I become a volunteer?
Do I need to be a member of the CBA to volunteer?

Yes, you need to be a CBA member in order to volunteer. Info about joining can be found here

How many hours do I need to work to earn a free 4 day pass?

You need to work 16 hours if your job is where you can see and hear the shows. All other jobs require 12 hours volunteer time.

Can I work more than the required time and earn more than one free ticket?

You can earn one free ticket per person. (if you feel you have a special circumstance, you can talk this over with your Coordinator).

Do I have to wear my Volunteer Name Badge all the time at the Festival?

We like to have everyone wear their badge all the time but it is only required when you are doing your volunteer job.

What about T-Shirts?
We have supplied t-shirts in the past, but do not supply t-shirts every year. If you have a volunteer shirt from years past, you may wear it.
How do I volunteer to help at a CBA Festival or Concert other than the Fathers Day Festival?
Contact the Regional Director for the area you are interested in or contact [email protected]
What if I've already purchased my ticket and volunteer?

Request a time sheet from your Coordinator, to be filled out during the festival. At the end of the Festival on Sunday, a copy of your time sheet signed by your coordinator will be given to the Volunteer Coordinator. The price you paid for your ticket will then be refunded to you by the CBA Treasurer.

How do I get on the Volunteer Coordinator's mailing list?
If you volunteered last year you are on the list. If you did not then just contact [email protected]

Questions?  Contact [email protected]