“I love the bluegrass community as family” – a Paradise Fire Instrument Replacement story

“I’m so grateful to the CBA for the instrument program to fire victims such as myself. Here is my D-28, that has found a partner and a home.  Thank you very deeply,  I love the bluegrass community as family.”  Howard Goetz- recipient of a CBA-funded Paradise Fire replacement Instrument.

Aaron Zorndorf, CBA Area VP for San Mateo County, tells us the background story.

After the devastating Butte area “Camp” fire in Paradise, CA , the California Bluegrass Association began a funding drive to help its members affected by fire with the cost of replacing their instruments. The original goal was $30,000, but due to the overwhelming compassion and generosity of the public and CBA membership, a total of $58,855 was raised. Twenty-nine recipients, 14 of whom are CBA members, received various replacement funds ranging from $500 – $2,000. The remaining funds – those not used to directly replace destroyed instruments – have been donated to the Paradise School District for their music program.

The Go Fund Me campaign began in mid-November 2018, and funds were disbursed through December 2019.  Contributions came in from far and wide and included donations ranging from longtime CBA member LaRoche Bluegrass Festival in France to many small local jams which gave sizable cash contributions.

As an example of the extent to which the community responded, Yoseff Tucker joined AJ Lee & Blue Summit in performing the much-derided song “Wagon Wheel” at the Chapel event in SF in exchange for a $650 donation. Talk about sacrifice! That performance can be viewed here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGCrL0XcjAI