It’s Time to Run For the CBA Board of Directors!

We have a great and diverse CBA board of directors. But a strong board relies on new blood, so please consider joining us. Any current or past board member will tell you that it is a challenging but rewarding experience!

Yep…it’s that time of the year when those of you who are thinking about running for the CBA Board of Director need to get your petitions done and submitted. 

So, you decided you are going to run for election to the Board…but you don’t know what the process is for becoming a candidate?
Here’s the brief:
• You need to be a CBA member in good standing
• You need to submit a petition for candidacy signed by at least 10 other active CBA members
You need to submit that petition (sample petition below) with a candidate statement and a picture by August 15, 2020. The petition needs to be submitted to Larry Phegley, our membership coordinator at:
CBA Membership Vice President
Larry Phegley
47 Ralston Drive
Monterey, CA 93940
Or email to: [email protected] and the candidate statement and picture should be sent to our Secretary Pete Ludé, CBA Secretary [email protected].
We usually suggest you get more signatures than the 10 just in case someone on your short list forgot to renew their membership. That is basically it!
What format can you use for the petition? The requirements are pretty straightforward: a typed or printed name with a hardcopy signature could be scanned or photographed and emailed (as a pdf or jpeg file) or sent by US Postal Service to Larry Phegley. Or, you can have your endorsers sign electronically using software such as Docusign or Adobe Sign (sorry, a simple email is not considered a legal signature).
Once you do all that, Larry will check to see that the signers of your petition are all active CBA members and he will then confirm your candidacy. Your name will be included on the ballot, your picture and candidate statement will be printed in the September breakdown, and the election results tallied and announced at the CBA Annual Member Meeting to be held online Saturday October 17 (more details to come at a future date).
CBA Board Member Responsibilities
The CBA Board of Directors is a working board responsible for the CBA finances, and implementation of our events, policies and organization goals. The Board is guided by the CBA’s Articles of Incorporation and by formally adopted Bylaws. The Association is currently governed by an eleven-member Board who stand for election once a year.
In addition to governance responsibilities, the Board and each Board member is expected to provide time and expertise to the organization in ways appropriate to their interests and capacity. Some of our recurring responsibilities are: shaping the CBA mission and vision, strategic planning, fiduciary management including monthly budget reviews and approval of the CBA annual budget. Each board member is expected to serve in at least one leadership role, committee and/or Coordinator position and actively participate in production of the annual Father’s Day Festival, summer Music Camp and/or other significant CBA activity or event
Board meetings are held monthly with the exception of June and December, with dates and locations established at the October meeting. Board meetings are generally held on weekends and typically last about 4 hours. Directors are expected to attend a minimum of six Board meetings per year and may not miss more than three consecutive meetings. Attendance through use of conference phone or video conferencing is permitted in extenuating circumstances with permission by the Board of Directors. On occasion, special meetings or teleconferences may be called in addition to the monthly meetings. Directors should plan to attend the annual membership meeting, generally held at the CBA Fall Campout in October.