Listen to the Polings

Only a few more days until our Free Range Fridays show featuring the wonderful women of Chickwagon Junction and their friends and families. A typical FRF show features three or four performers playing half-hour sets, but this month’s event is going to be kinda loosey-goosey. Think of it as a big jam party that you stumbled into on your way back to your car after dinner.
“Hey, what’s going on in there?” you might ask yourself. Upon closer examination you see a café full of happy people singing along with a performer. “Mmmm,” you think, “maybe I’ll change my plans. This seems like a lot more fun than a solitary evening of binge-watching that TV series about Iowa hog farmers that I got sucked into.”
Free Range Fridays
June 21st
At La Promenade Café
3643 Balboa Street
7 to 9:30 pm
Free/all ages welcome
Hosted by Jeanie and Chuck
With Chickwagon Junction
And a wagonload of special guests including
Bohemian HIghway Duo – Doug Blumer and Nancy Irish
The Tuttle Brothers – The Charlie, Oliver, and Emmett team with Papa John for some jumpin’ jazz
Nancy Bechtle of Nancy and the Lambchops joins us for some country fun
Plus Martha Ture and Jim Hill  
Midnight in Laredo
And God knows who else we drag into this musical maelstrom
The Chickwagon Junction gals are gearing up for their annual appearance at the Redwood Ramble, a magical little music festival held each July in Mendocino County. Alas, the fest has been sold out for months – it’s easier to get tickets to Hamilton – but you can get a taste of the Redwood Ramble’s spirit of community, creativity, and above all, fun, by showing up on Friday and going whole hog into the scene.