Mr. and Mrs. Poling Speak

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Longest running bluegrass music jam in San Francisco continues to draw devoted crew of pickers and fans. Songs are sung, strings are strummed, and pints are poured at
The Bluegrass Country Jam
Hosted by Jeanie and Chuck
Wednesday, June 5
At the Plough and Stars
116 Clement Street
8:30 – 11 pm
Free/21 and over
Here’s the scoop, pal. The who, what, when, where, why and how of it all. All the news that’s fit to pick.
It’s rumored that a member of the press will be attending Wednesday night’s jam to inquire as to who goes to a bluegrass jam, what we do at a bluegrass jam, when do we organize bluegrass jams, where do we organize bluegrass jams, why do we play bluegrass music, and how in the blazes is it that everybody seems to know every song no matter what key it’s in.
The regulars know how much fun it is to drop into a cozy Irish Pub either to join in on the pickin’ or to meet with friends to enjoy an evening of casual music, friendly conversation, and a warm fuzzy feeling that comes with sharing your love of this music with other people who appreciate it as much as you do.
If you haven’t been the to jam in a while, this would be a great time to show up and reacquaint yourself with the unique fellowship that comes from creating and participating in a live music experience. Plus, we’d personally love to see you. We’ve made so many friends at the Bluegrass Country Jam over the past 17+ years, and we wish we could keep up with all of you. Of course, people move on – geographically and/or musically, or life comes up with some new tasks that eat up what used to be bluegrass time. Here’s hoping you can slip out of whatever responsibilities you have on Wednesday night for some pickin’ and pints.
Now, if you are approached by a reporter on Wednesday night, we encourage you to feel free to talk about your experiences at the Bluegrass Country Jam. We have nothing to hide but the facts. One of the benefits of being the longest running jam in town is that many of the little “issues” that have occurred over the years have passed the statute of limitations. Not that we’re concerned. That silly kerfuffle over the marimba player who brought his pet monkey to the jam, and all that business with the bikers and the pasta was just a misunderstanding. Really, you would’ve done the same thing if you were there, and so would’ve our attorney, who’s furiously gesturing us to stop right here.