Play needs banjoist

I’m trying to find a bluegrass banjo player to play for a local musical production of Bright Star. It’s a fun bluegrass score, written by Steve Martin. It would require some clawhammer and traditional 3 finger bluegrass banjo styles, though from what I can tell it’s not particularly difficult or demanding in either style.

All the shows and all but one of the rehearsals are below, the orchestra only rehearsal hasn’t been scheduled yet. Gig pays $75 a service for 16 total services. All the shows and rehearsals are at the Lucie Stern in Palo Alto. If you’re interested, please let me know. Thanks for the help!

September 6th 7-10pm

Tech Rehearsals:
September 10th 7-11pm
September 11th 7-11pm
September 12th 7-11pm

Preview Night:
September 13th 7:30pm call

September 14th 7:30pm call
September 15th 1:30pm call
September 19th 7:00pm call
September 20th 7:30pm call
September 21st 7:30pm call
September 22nd 1:30pm call
September 26th 7:00pm call
September 27th 7:30pm call
September 28th 7:30pm call
September 29th 1:30pm call

-Nick Kenrick