Polings tell it straight

The Bluegrass Path
Whether you learned it at Grandma’s knee, picked it up from friends at the New England Conservatory of Music, or just stumbled into a performance at a farmers market, you probably have a story about your path to bluegrass music.
What’s really great is that you’ll rarely be alone on your journey toward bluegrass enlightenment, for you meet so many other pilgrims along the way. As a matter of fact, we’re holding our monthly convocation of bluegrass wayfarers at…
The Bluegrass Country Jam
Hosted by Jeanie and Chuck
Wednesday, September 4th
At the Plough and Stars Pub
116 Clement Street/SF
8:30 – 11 pm
Free/21 and Over
Our humble jam is but one stop along the way for the seekers of the high lonesome enlightenment, for verily the word of bluegrass gospel has spread not merely across our great nation, but also attracts adherents around the world. You can get that Good Old Mountain Dew in Montpelier, Montreal, or Montevideo. You can be somebody’s Salty Dog in Saltillo or Salt Lake City. You can probably find a Pig in a Pen in Phnom Penh.
Learning to love bluegrass – as a musician or a fan – is one of those special things where the journey is the point. There isn’t any great awakening or moment of satori, the thrill just goes on and on and gets better and better – like a really good bluegrass jam. Like the Bluegrass Country Jam!
Speaking of journeys, your regular jam hosts will be away this month, but the proceedings will be in the capable hands of our pal Ron Esparza. Just listen to Ron, do what he says, and everything with go just fine.
If you must know, Jeanie and Chuck are attending the Burning Man after-party, known as Glowing Man. We’re so in with the in crowd that we skip the whole bridge-and-tunnel-crowd-goes-to-art-school-and-does-a-lot-of-drugs festival itself and gather afterwards with the reeeeally cool kids around the simmering embers of the once-bustling Playa, playing hurdy gurdies and making S’mores with chocolate that costs $1,200 an ounce. We’ll be returning via our private zeppelin in time for the October jam where we’ll celebrate the 18th anniversary of the very first Bluegrass Country Jam.