Daily Elective: Clawhammer Banjo Fundamentals

Many musicians attending CBA Summer Music Camp focus each day on mastering their main instrument but back at their campsite sits that lonely banjo they’ve been wanting to learn how to play for too long. Now campers can have their cake and eat it too by attending Ryan Harlin’s “Intro to Clawhammer Banjo” elective course. Occurring during each day’s elective time slot, this three-day offering is a way for students to learn clawhammer banjo through a formal curriculum without needing to already be a level 2/3 player and without having to choose between learning clawhammer banjo vs. focusing on their main instrument.

Taught as a drop-in class for beginners and early players, Ryan Harlin will get people comfortable with the clawhammer style in each class and you’ll even begin learning simple tunes you can bring back to wow your campmates! Ryan’s primary interest as a Northern California Bay Area banjo teacher is helping people get started with rock-solid fundamentals because there is nothing more impactful for the rest of one’s playing than getting the basics right first. It doesn’t just make your clawhammer banjo playing sound better, it makes it more fun too!

If you’ve been leaving that banjo at home when you come to music camps and festivals, it’s time to bring it along and join Ryan for one day or all three days at camp this summer to finally start playing clawhammer banjo! No additional or special registration is required for this class. Simply show up ready to play!

Taught by:

Ryan Harlin (visit Instructor page)