Welcome to the NEW ONLINE Bluegrass Breakdown!

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As we mentioned in the May Bluegrass Breakdown, the printed newsletter will concentrate on timely information, current events, and some short form new and legacy columns. And we promised then that longer form columns, photos, in-depth interviews, less timely news items, and the like, would eventually be hosted on the CBA website.

Well, we are now fulfilling that promise! The Breakdown newsletter is being mailed monthly to 3000 homes and businesses and the online Breakdown is now up and running right here! This online Breakdown is a work in progress, so check in from time-to-time and see what we have added. Remember, you can always download the Breakdown newsletter from this page (click on the link at the top right-hand side of this page).
Between the newsletter and online Breakdowns, we’ll keep everyone in touch!

BTW, old-timers might recognize “new” Bluegrass Breakdown logo/banner: it was proudly displayed  on the late 1970s to early 80s  Breakdown editions.

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