CBA Youth Program Alum Christine Wilhoyte Rides the Transamerica Trail

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Christine writes from the heartland of Kansas: Christine Wilhoyte is an alum of CBA Youth Programs and banjo player for the band North Country Blue. This summer and fall, while she misses the California jam circuit, she’s having a blast riding her bike across the country to raise money for physical education. She looks forward to going to Raleigh after the ride ends, where she’ll volunteer with the kids on bluegrass program at IBMA. In the meantime, to stay connected to music and the community during the ride, she has started a weekly livestream with her travel guitar. Tune into Transam Tunesdays on her ride Facebook page (@spoke48) on Tuesdays at 5pm PST to hear stories and tunes from Christine’s trip on the Transamerica Trail!

You can read a bunch more about Christine and her trip here: