Bluegrass Bridge

Bluegrass Bridge enriches the lives of prisoners on the path toward rehabilitation.

Founded in 2022, the Bluegrass Bridge initiative uses bluegrass instruction to help prisoners cultivate the interpersonal and self-development skills necessary for good musicianship. Bluegrass enjoys a unique place near the roots of the “family tree” of musical traditions born in the United States, and by learning the values & techniques of bluegrass, program participants are invited to practice rehabilitative self-development through active stewardship of bluegrass’s rich & evolving history.

The stories of bluegrass songs – stories of love, loss, long journeys, loneliness, mortality, spirituality, and conflicts between justice and the law – are essential themes in the American mythos. In using bluegrass repertoire to explore these themes – as well as musical values like leadership, support through accompaniment, and active listening – Bluegrass Bridge aims to enrich the lives of prisoners, their loved ones, and their communities.

“Thank you for valuing us enough to come and give us an awesome day.”

“My knowledge of bluegrass music is miniscule, but this expanded my horizons. “

“Thank you is not enough! But, thank you for the humanity.”

“I had so much fun, especially getting to play and sing with you guys. It was a wonderful day.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming in here for that short period and offering a small sense of freedom . It is not often we receive such kindnesses and your kindness was truly a light in the dark. I hope there is another opportunity for you to return soon. Once again thank you!”

“Thanks for taking time out of your lives to make ours a little better.”

“It was the best concert in my almost 30 years in prison. Meant a lot.”

“What a pleasure and a joy it was to hear and experience your passion, which some of us deeply share as well. “

“Thank you giving us a taste of live music, as well as one of America’s traditional genres. It was a lot of fun!.”

How can you support CBA’s Bluegrass Bridge program?

Click here to make your tax-deductible donation to CBA. Your donation will go toward transportation for the musicians and teachers, supplies and instructional materials for the students, and operating costs.

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Bluegrass workshop with incarcerated musicians