Foibles, Bon Mots & (Final) Thoughts

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Dear CBA members.

     This will be my last column. Many years ago, Rick Cornish asked if I would be willing to be one of the CBA Welcome Column Writers. Rick knew I was a sucker for flattery, and no one could pour it on like Rick.  Rick enthusiastically explained that the CBA was looking for for a person of high intellectual caliber with matching excellent writing skills for the Welcome Column.  I was honored.  All I could say to Rick was, “Oh shucks.” Rick saw his opening and came in for the kill. Placing his hand on my shoulder and looking me squarely in the eyes he said, “Brooks, you can be the next Steinbeck. Don’t let this chance pass you by.” How could I refuse?

    I went to work and quickly hammered out a column worthy of Rick’s faith in me.  I presented my carefully worded masterpiece to Rick. He grabbed my story and began reading it out loud like he was giving a speech to Congress. After the first paragraph he stopped, slowly shook his head, and then held the now offending piece of literature high over his head and dramatically ripped it up tossing the scraps of paper into the wind. Rick looked at my shocked face smiled and said,” Brooks, you can do better than this.”

 I was shocked but he was right. I began working on improving my limited writing skills. The Welcome Column became my muse. I now had the opportunity to put down in words stories and events I had longed to share with others. I will never be a Steinbeck, but I am happy with most of my stories, and I hope that those of you who did read them could identify with some of them and smiled and nodded at others.

 CBA members have been kind with their positive remarks on the message board concerning my columns. Thank you. I have been in extraordinary company sharing the Welcome Column Page with my fellow writers. You are all gifted and elevate the CBA with your personal stories. God Bless all of you.

 A special thank you to the friendly talented Dr. Bert Daniel who has been extremely helpful working diligently with all the changes on the CBA website.  I have also shared with him some of my ongoing health related issues and he has been kind enough to offer up helpful information. Dr. Daniel, the check is in the mail. Thank you.

Finally, Rick Cornish, my best friend of 73 years has been going through tough, emotional times these past few months. Like all of you I wish I could just snap my fingers and make his pain disappear. Please keep Rick in your thoughts. The CBA would not be where it is today without his leadership, support and valuable input. Rick, I love you and please know that your pain and hurt will eventually begin to soften.

Read a book, hug a child, pet a dog, stroke a cat, eat two bars of chocolate, dance like no one is watching, sing loudly off key in the shower and IKIRU!

“Be a rainbow in someone’s cloudy day.” Maya Angelou

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