A few moments of silence

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Like just about every other year since we started the Welcome column here on the CBA web site it was just a given that my first turn at writing a piece after returning from Grass Valley would highlight the Association’s biggest week of the year. Truth be told, I’d started my column on the long drive from Nevada County to Whiskey Creek on my I-Phone’s dictaphone app. But then late last morning Bob Thomas posted news of the passing of John Duncan and the moment I read it I knew today’s Welcome would be written for our most excellent friend.

If you knew John and had the opportunity to learn who he was…what made him tick, what kept him so precisely dialed in to our music and our remarkable Association…nothing I can say here will improve on your appreciation of the man. And if you weren’t lucky enough to spend time with him, and time is what it took to truly know this quiet, unassuming giant of a bluegrasser, then I’d urge you to skip over to the Message Board and read what his friends have to say about him. No, what I’ll do this morning is invite you to take a few moments, as I did yesterday, to think about John Duncan and what he meant to the California Bluegrass Association.

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