A Simple Man

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I wake up every morning

To do what I don’t want to do

To make what I’ve got to have

To pay what has to be paid

And I smile when it’s necessary

And listen to those talking about things

I have no interest in

Because it has to be done

To accomplish what must be accomplished

And drink my coffee

Because it’s the last drug I’m allowed

And it keeps me from falling asleep

When I’m driving to places I don’t want to go

To see people I have to see

To sell things they need

That I have to get things I need

And I have no other way of getting

That is legal, or moral, or worth the effort

And I’m thinking

There must be a place

Where people meet with guitars

And mandolins

And shake your hand

And hug your neck

And play a song

And sing a tune

And share their life

With gospel songs

And fiddle tunes

And share their coffee


where I can be

What I was designed to be

Uh huh

Hallelujah amen.

Oct 2011

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