A very short note

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It’s a great time to be part of the California bluegrass community and music scene. As our very own CBA “Home Page” demonstrates, there is no shortage of activities in California in which to enjoy the passion of bluegrass music. The CBA web site is chock full of news, photo’s, updates and calendar items. Many of us check it every single day to be sure we don’t miss anything important. It’s also great to see the photo gallery pictures from years past and think of those times and people who have made the bluegrass world what it is today.

This past year of bluegrass activities have been especially impressive thanks to the people who staff the California Bluegrass Association and who maintain the CBA website, especially the tireless volunteers who work so hard to bring the festivals and concerts to us.
All year we’ve enjoyed emerging artists, new bands, kids on bluegrass growing up and moving on to stardom, new kids on bluegrass hitting the stage for the first time, tribute bands, reunion band performances and ageless artists amazing us with their signature styles. Our bluegrass cup overflowed this year.

Thankfully the new year ahead promises to yield another banner period of fun bluegrass venues and entertainment so “stay tuned”.

So for those of you who teach, perform, write, record, promote, photograph, luthier, volunteer, jam host, work in and play in the world we know as California bluegrass…………

This is just a very short note to thank you, for all you do

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