All the Good Stuff Happens on Thursday

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In a world where we grown-ups tackle the really big issues each day and meet the serious challenges that shape our lives, we occasionally run head-long into some good stuff that happens to us for no apparent reason.   We may find a quarter on the street, put it into our otherwise empty pocket.   Cool.   Then, we walk into an auto store to buy a quart of oil and suddenly see they have one of those coin-operated candy machines that have a full-up supply of Red Hots or M and M’s.    One solid quarter will buy a handful of sugary goodness.    Wow!   So… off we go with a quart of Acme oil for our Ford Pinto, a free handful of candy and a rosy outlook for the drive home.    Well, according to my Tool Guy Logarithms (TGL)… it’s probably a Thursday.   So, today, we’re gonna take a closer look at the TGL for Thursday.

Around these parts, Thursday is the fourth day of the week.   Since the number Four is my favorite number, this makes for strong TGL numbers from the start.  But wait, there’s more.    The name of this day was derived from Old English / Middle English and named after Thor, the Norse god of Thunder.    I ask you gentile reader, who among us doesn’t like Thor, the God of Thunder.    Hey, ask most any woman.   She’ll probably have something nice to say about Chris Hemsworth.   Oh, and great comic books too.   Boy, did he kick butt with that hammer, Mjolnir.    Say that three time real fast- “Mjolnir, Mjolnir, Mjolnir”.    See where this is going?    Good Stuff and fun stuff happens on and around Thursday.

So by now you’re thinking that my TGL is somehow flawed or unsubstantiated.   O.K., Don’t’ take my word for it then.   I happily direct you to the most reliable source for true and good Thursday facts ever found- The Internet.

On Thursday September 4, 2014, paleontologists unveiled a new classification for the biggest animal ever to walk the Earth- the Dreadnoughtus schrani dinosaur.   This beast was supposedly about 65 tons.  It was discovered by a bluegrass musician / paleontologist (Fredericke Schrani) in Santa Cruz during an exhausting dig including a late night practice session working on an etude in F.     Surprisingly, much of what I just stated is as true as anything you find on The Internet.    Really, look it up.   Good Thursday stuff.

Thursday February 7, 1963 was probably the most un-important day in modern bluegrass music, but nonetheless a really good one.   The first single “Please, Please Me” was released in the U.S. by that long-haired boy band from Liverpool, England.   That day marks the true inspiration behind my passion for all “not bluegrass music” in my life.    I am a Beatles Baby from way back.    AND, upon hearing that song for the first time, Bill Monroe actually coined those famous words  “Well, that just ain’t no part of nuthin”.    Boy was he wrong on that one! 

My friend, just in case you’re still skeptical about this, you should know that I am not alone in this logic. One our greatest American writers, John Steinbeck, followed up his classic 1945 novel Cannery Row with a whole book about Thursday (Sweet Thursday/ 1954) in which he admiringly heralded that day between “Lousy Wednesday” and “Waiting Friday”.     And did you know, that the most famous Tool Guy in the history of the world, and the inventor of the Tool Guy Logarithms (and a few other artsy things), Leonardo Da Vinci, was born on Thursday April 15, 1452. 

Something very special happened on Thursday December 30, 1954.  You may not remember the date, but my Mom does.    But what’s most important is that 62 years later, and on a Thursday, this Tool Guy has honor of telling you this great truth and bringing some laughs in your life.   And if you want to glowingly compare me to Leonardo Da Vinci, I’m okay with that one.    Oh, and just in case you are not reading this on a Thursday, no worries, just wait a couple days, read it in the archives, and all will be right.
 Just remember people, the glass IS always half full, and there’s fun to be found on all those days that end in Y.   Go Get Sum!

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