…And a CBA Volunteer is Born

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I was reminiscing recently about how I managed to get so embroiled in this CBA business. Before I joined the CBA, before I ever went to Grass Valley, I was a bluegrass fan, and playing bluegrass music.

But then in 2003 or so, I happened to play at the old “President’s Day Festival”…

We have good weather in California (OK, great weather), but in early March, we never know from year to year if it’s going to feel like winter or spring. That made the indoor venue for the President’s Day Festival ideal. Worst case scenario, you’re “stuck” inside, listening to one quality act after another, and/or jamming in some nice rooms all day. Not exactly Dante-esque. But there’s also a good chance the weather will invite you to make a happy choice between those fine acts and jamming in the glorious spring sunlight,

I have some VERY fond memories of that festival, and it is where I first happened to meet Rick Cornish. Earlier that week, I had responded to a request on the CBA Website for someone to take over Nancy Zuniga’s duties as Photo Gallery Manager. I figuredmy name was probably one of hundreds of eager volunteers for that position, so I didn’t really expect to “win” that post. But they told me I should speak to Rick Cornish, and they proceeded to describe him.

Quick – those of you who know what Rick looks like – describe him. Your description will easily fit about half the membership of the CBA, including me. So, after 3 or 4 instances of “Hey, are you Rick Cornish?”, and getting blank stares, I figured we’d have to hook up some other time. But as I was leaving, somebody shouted out “Hey, did you talk to Rick?”, and I said I couldn’t find him. They said “That’s him over there!”, so, from my open car window, I said, one last time, “Uh, are YOU Rick Cornish?”.

Well, it was Rick this time, and after a 11 second in-depth interview, during which my car was rolling along in line to leave the parking lot, I was offered the prestigious job of Photo Gallery Manager. Once I passed the mandatory FBI background check, and the stringent physical agility test, I was In Like Flint. Thus began my life as a CBA Volunteer.

One of the first things I discovered is, there is always a need for more volunteers. Nearly all the volunteers I met were doing more than one volunteer task. I was sadly mistaken when I thought the CBA was carefully choosing their volunteers from a huge pool of applicants. Folks, please consider helping out where you can. Trust me, it will be appreciated, and you’ll take pride in knowing that you contribute to the CBA above and beyond your membership fees.

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