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(Disclaimer: The Author has no degrees in the topic that will be discussed. The Author has read numerous books and researched the topic as thoroughly as possible. ONLY as it would apply to the author’s situation. Please, one must do their own research and consult with one’s own Physician.)

Now with that out of the way. I’ll tell you that some years ago I was weighing in around 200 to 210 pounds. I really had a hard time lacing up my shoes each day. I couldn’t take it anymore. Off I went in search of the correct way to eat, exercise and plainly just be comfortable. For years I did all of the real popular stuff without any success at all. Without wanting to give up I kept at my research and stayed up on reading more about nutrition for the human body. Most of the dieting programs dealt with portion control. The picture on the box looks good. Wait until you open it! Not to mention the vast amounts of ingredients that can be bad for the system on a whole.
So one morning my lovely bride and myself were sitting in front of the tube. (Flatscreen to anybody under the age of 40) On came this very skinny blonde woman taking about dieting. Well, we thought we had heard it all by now. Wrong. Watching this very nice woman just makes you want to throw one of those “sponge” bricks at the TV. She is just so slender. At the same time she was promoting her book on nutrition and this different way of eating. O.K. so I’m a sucker. I bought the book. Read the book. Read the darn thing two maybe three times. Now I did have a nutrition class way back in the 70’s. But research and technology are different today. Anyway, back to the book. This book makes so much sense. Starting with eliminating certain food groups for four or five days. Then, go back to eating the foods. Decide if there were any changes in how you feel after bringing back the foods. After a month of not eating the foods that were all part of the daily consumption makes one lose weight. I liked that a lot. Even though weight loss was not my primary goal. O.K. so here it comes. After a month one must drink two protein shakes a day. We bought a new blender and really tried to break it, but in the last three years, no luck. Remember, when dieting, one must have some support. So my wife and I did this diet with much diligence. We both lost weight. So much that an acquaintance asked me once if I was sick. I should have answered, Yes, because I wasn’t eating enough. The one good thing is that there was a huge learning process about what are the better things to eat for the human body.    
So, weight loss was only part of my dieting scheme. I’m a migraineur. So I was looking to see if there were any food related things that I could do for my daily headaches. Wee Ha! I found the Ketogenic diet. Now I will say, this has not helped me with my migraines. But, the different way of thinking about food has really changed the way I eat. As with everybody else, my weight has gone up and down. But not that much in the past two years on a modified Ketogenic diet. This diet has been around for about 100 years. First developed to help children with epileptic seizures. This diet removes carbohydrates and sugars.
Now you are thinking, everything I eat has carbs & sugars galore. So what can be eaten instead. I’m here to tell you that there are a lot of options. One thing though, you really must like to cook. This way of eating requires one to NOT open a box or crack open a can, pour it in, heat it up, eat it. There comes the shopping fist. Looking for the best looking produce out there. The nicest looking cut of meat. Dairy is not allowed. Look at how many grams of sugar are in a gallon of milk the next time you buy milk. Last time I looked, there were 29 grams of sugar in a gallon of milk. I’m sorry to say, I’ve seen 29 grams of sugar in one pile. Doesn’t leave much room for actual milk.
Try this for breakfast some morning. Either prepare the wet mixture the night before or prepare it fresh. This is very easy to make.  
Cauliflower Waffles: In a food processor, pulsate about 5-7 cauliflower florets, each floret about the size of a thumb. Add 5-6 thumb sized cubes of cheddar & mozzarella cheese, each. Pulsate until cheese is all broken up into pieces. Crack two eggs into small bowl, leaving out the shell. Sprinkle a small bit of onion & garlic powder into bowl of eggs. Pour into food processor and blend until smooth. Scoop out with rubber spatula onto waffle iron that is very hot. I spray some coconut oil on the iron to keep it from sticking. This must be done, because olive oil doesn’t keep it from sticking. Eat waffle plain or add your favorite condiment like: cream cheese, salsa, bacon, etc… Garnish with Strawberries on the side.
If you don’t have a waffle iron. This same mixture can be grilled on a smooth skillet that is very hot. Flipping them like pancakes. Remember to use coconut oil here too. It does take a little longer to cook this way. Wait until they are cooked pretty firm before flipping. It will be less messy. Being careful not to burn them.
This is only one of many meals I have in the pantry. If you would like more information please contact me at: [email protected] I would be happy to share with you my resources. Or, as my lovely bride would say, “Google it.”
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Bruce Long

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