Another one of them fifth Mondays

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They sneak up on me. The old brain does a pretty decent job remembering when it’s my turn to write a Welcome so I have a little time to mull over content and delivery, but when these months with fifth days roll around, all bets are off. Since I really haven’t spent much time thinking about a column I’ll randomize today…..

Couldn’t do a random thoughts column without mentioning Harold Camping and his failed prediction of rapture and the second coming of Jesus….I’ve followed Camping closely for several years. I frequently listen to his radio program, the Open Forum, and am pretty versed in the math he’s used to come up with the May 21 thingy. Now I’ve read he has put off the complete destruction of the world until October 21st, which is fine, but please, Harold, once that date comes and goes just take a deep breath and let go of it—you’re scaring a big bunch of innocent people who have better things to worry about. And speaking of worry, doesn’t sound like Ron’s sweating things much… the following post from Mr. Spears on Facebook…..”Got fired from The James King Band because I was taking two weekends off to cruise Europe. MAN! It was worth it!!!!” Did anybody know Ron was playing with James? I didn’t and now it’s too late to get excited about it. But here’s one piece of band news that’s got my juices flowing…word on the street is that the Lynn Morris band is booking gigs; if this is true, you can bet she’ll be back on the Grass Valley stage. And speaking of news, here’s one news story that’s been like one of those song earwigs you can’t shake….”In a small laboratory on an upper floor of the basic science building at the Medical University of South Carolina, Vladimir Mironov, M.D., Ph.D., has been working for a decade to grow meat. A developmental biologist and tissue engineer, Dr. Mironov, 56, is one of only a few scientists worldwide involved in bioengineering “cultured” meat.” Understand, they’re not growing a meat substitute….they’re growing real meat. One more of the few pluses I see in growing old: I won’t be around when this stuff finally hits the meat counters. And speaking of real meat…I mean REAL MEAT, you owe it to yourself to make it to Sam’s BBQ tonight for ribs and the Mighty Crows Reunion….after five and a half years and some 112 gigs, the black birds are back, even if it’s just for one night. But back to the advantages of aging….the older I get the more deeply I love my wife. Funny how that works. Oh, and speaking of love, here’s a major scoop just posted on Facebook: “Caroline and I (Larry Kuhn, that is) are excited to share with our friends the news that last year, our long standing friendship in our musical community blossomed into a wonderful romance. And now we have decided to move forward even further by becoming engaged. Notice the ring on her left ring finger in the picture! We hope you can help us celebrate the final big step sometime next Spring!” I’ve officially informed Larry that I’m definitely available to serve as best man….so far no response. But getting back to songs that won’t leave your brain, boy did I hear one this past week. Sarah Jarosz’ Tell me True
…boy has that grabbed me. Who is this girl? I’ve been shut away up in my shop making picture frames for too long. And, oh, what a segue for reminding people of the art sale coming up at Grass Valley. Lots of people have put lots of time and effort into this enterprise. Clear off your walls, add a new room onto the house if need be, but make lots of space for the paintings and photos you bring home from the FDF this year. And while we’re on the subject of the 2011 36th Annual Fathers Day Festival in Grass Valley, CA, it scarcely seems possible that I’ll be camped under the pines just two weeks from today. This’ll be my 35th trip to the June classic; it is and has been since my first festival there the event around which everything in my life revolves. It’s sort of the way I mark off significant segments of time in my life. And talk about keeping track of time, this past week we learned of an Amazonian tribe that lacks the abstract concept of time. The Amondawa speak a language which scientists believe is the first in which “space to time mappings don’t occur.” Wrap your brain around that one if you’re able. And isn’t it interesting that in the past three or four months there’s been such an intense effort for people to wrap their brains around, of all things, the meaning of bluegrass. I for one have pretty much stayed out of the conversation, both on the CBA Message Board and on the Bluegrass-L, since, try as I might, I can’t seem to personally come to grips with the issue. On the one hand it makes absolutely perfect and undeniable sense that nobody, no matter how hard they try, is going to stop this genre from evolving. Change, as we’ve been told so eloquently by so many damned good writers and essayists, is as much a fact of nature as the sun and the moon and the stars…..and Mumford and Sons. Yet try as I might I find a world without Bill and Ralph and Carter and Lester and Earl one that I’m not sure I want to live in. I know, I know, I know, ‘big-tenters’ are not advocating the elimination of the traditional sound. And yet, there’s no denying that it’s slipping away. What do you know, I’ve discovered yet another plus for aging—I won’t be around to see the music lost. I will, however, be around to see Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver take the stage at Grass Valley next month; the big question, will his drummer, Carl White, be with him? Several months ago Carl Pagter, CBA #1, spoke with Doyle’s rep and was told that, in deference to the Association’s long standing but never put in writing policy on no drums, Carl would not be traveling west. However, since that conversation a WHOLE LOT of water re: what-is-bluegrass has gone under the bridge so…..who knows. One more reason to make the drive to Grass Valley. And now let me end what has been for some an excruciating ramble with a link to what is without question my favorite YouTube clip of the year….the The Ultimate Dog Tease. Please, can someone explain to me why this video is so compelling?

Have a wonderful holiday and let’s give our veterans and current armed forces members the gratitude they deserve.

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