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Good Monday morning from Whiskey Creek, where the birds chirp much louder than any other place in the tri-county area, where there’s 1.7 dogs per single family dwelling in our little rural neighborhood, all barkers, where not one single big-rig lumber hauler has observed the “Use of Air Breaks Prohibited” plastered along Jamestown Road since before we moved here eleven years ago and where at least two proud owners of semi-automatic assault rifles timed their first shots of the day to flawlessly coincide with the 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. use rule. Aside from that, a lovely, peaceful day here in the Mother Lode.Now I will answer a few questions that have popped up over the week…

To paraphrase, what’s up with the badly-out-of-date “Calendar of CBA Events” at the webs site (

What’s up is that yours truly, whose bright idea it was to create this page in the first page, forgot about it until Sam posted on the Message Board. My only defense is that, now that I’m completed retired I have so much less time. Figure that one out. I will update this page today or I will take poison.

What’s up with the ‘Café Press reference in the last couple of board meeting synopses?

What’s up is that the board of director has been researching and discussing the possibility of contracting with this company to produce and market mercantile products (mugs, t-shirts, pins, etc.) on our web site. We began this discussion because 1) we’ve have many, many inquiries over the years asking why we limit sales of our ‘stuff’ to CBA events; 2) every time we’ve gone the first couple steps toward creating an ‘on-line store’ we’ve run into the same old problem—the technology is there but the person-power (read volunteers) to make it work isn’t. Hence, the discussion of Café Press. CP’s model is very straightforward: they produce products using the art we provide them, (production is on an as-needed basis); we advertise the products on our web site; when Café Press receives an order, they fill it, collect the money and give the CBA a percentage. It’s a small percentage and we’ve concluded we would make little or nothing on the deal. That said, if we proceed we will invest no time and no money and we can meet a need that members periodically remind us needs meeting. We’ll set to make a decision on this at our February meeting.

Is there a spot on the CBA web site that provides a nicely formatted listing of the Fathers Day Festive lineup.?

No, there isn’t, and there hasn’t been for about four years now. Instead, it was four years ago that faithful and very clever CBA volunteer Dave Zimmerman created an entirely new web site called; and naturally we have linked to that site from Last year Dave transitioned out of his web master’s job (the selfish guy wanted to get married and travel the world…go figure) and, with his help, several of us got the FDF site up and running. This year, 2012, I very, very pleased to report that we have a new official web master for our festival’s web site in the person of Mark Peet. Mark has been given all the content he needs for changing the 2011 page to the 2012 page and, as of this weekend, has been give admin access to the site’s control page. I would expect we’ll see some progress very soon. When the page is up, you all will be the first to know.

Did the CBA board ever finalize the rules for the 2012 Dog Pilot Program?

Yes, it did and they’re published in the February issue of the Bluegrass Breakdown. The rules are all posted on the web page, there’s a click to the rules at the top left of the splash page. But heck, why not just repeat them again here?

1. Owners must have proof of all required vaccinations, vaccinations must be up-to-date, and dogs must have ID tags on their collars.

2. By bringing their dog to the festival the owner accepts all liability for any injury or property damage caused by their dog and the owner will be solely responsible for any and all cost of repairs, fines or levies by any agency or other party. The California Bluegrass Association maintains no liability for any actions of the dog or its owners.

3. Dogs must be on a short leash, not to exceed six (6) feet, while being walked.

4. Dogs must be confined to a pen or a RV or on a short leash while in camp. No free ranging tethers are allowed.

5. Owners will be required to remove their dog from the grounds if the dog becomes a nuisance by continually barking (for a single time or multiple short intervals) or in any other manner that disturbs other campers or people passing by. This will be strenuously enforced.

6. Dogs should not be left alone for periods of time longer than 45 minutes to an hour.

7. Owners must clean up after their dogs. It is owner’s responsibility to have all the necessary supplies to ensure that other festival attendees have a good experience while at the festival.

8. Dogs will only be allowed in the main camping area. Tent campers in the “Tent Only” area near Gate 4 will not be allowed to keep dogs. Tent Campers with dogs may camp in other areas on the fairgrounds.

9. Dogs will not be allowed at any time (during Music Camp or the Festival) inside the fenced area (near the stages or vendor areas).

10. Dogs are not allowed in the water ditch or the lake.

How come is it that some bands get news items of their gigs, with nice graphics and links and everything, on the splash page of the web site and others don’t?

We don’t get this question too often, but when we do, the answer is a quick, copy and paste click away. Every band that writes to us and asks that we run a news item on their upcoming gig gets a news item on their upcoming gig posted on If you see a band’s upcoming gig posted on the CBA splash page, you can be certain that a band requested it. Of course there are other ways to get the word out: post your event on the online calendar (it’s easier than ever); post a message on the Message Board; send an email to our BB editor and make sure he’s got your gig in the newspaper’s events calendar; if it’s a special gig, like a fund-raiser, memorial, that sort of thing, you can check with Mark to see if he’d like to do an article about the event; and lastly, you can contact me, [email protected] and ask about our web ad rates.

So that’s it for the questions; can’t remember any others, but if you can, please send them along.

Let me end by reminding you of a new contest we’re running on the web site:

a grain or a batch of grain for grinding
a matter of interest or value forming the basis of a story or analysis
an idea, stated in a sentence, that can give rise to a new awareness or appreciation

Submit a quote (yours or anyone’s) and if it’s used in the Welcome Column between now and June 3, 2012, have a chance to win a four-day comp to the 37th Annual Fathers Day Festival in Grass Valley or a 2012 festival t-shirt. Submit as many as you want, but you must send each separately to [email protected] In the case of duplicates, the first to be received will be considered. The names of submitters of all quotes used on the CBA web site’s Welcome Column will be placed in a drawing. Two one comp ticket winners will be pulled and three festival t-shirt winners will be pulled. Winners who have already purchased a ticket will receive a refund. Although quotes on all topics will be considered, those that have relevance to the interests of our web site visitors will be more likely to be favored in the selection.

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