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THE DAILY GRIST…”Apply yourself both now and in the next life.  Without effort, you cannot be prosperous. Though the land be good, you cannot have an abundant crop without cultivation.”-Plato
appnoun; an application; a typically small, specialized program to fulfill a particular purpose that is downloaded onto mobile devises
Sideline Bluegrass Band has made a couple of trips out west this year – both to Summergrass and the Great 48.  They are a relatively new band, but one that seems to be on the cusp of many new tech outreaches.  Yes, they play traditional bluegrass music for the most part, but they also seem to have a keen sense on what fans are using to communicate with each other, and a fast growing base of loyal fans.   They can reach these fans in a variety of ways through their Facebook page, their website, on Twitter, Instagram, and now have a brand new band app that can be downloaded on “smart” devises.
I first saw Sideline perform two years ago back at World of Bluegrass in Raleigh where they were just brand new and performing for the first time there.  They were impressive and I noticed how well they connected with their audiences, so we signed them up for Summergrass that this last year.  I’m not a techy person, per se, but can, like most of all ya’all, can find my way around particular programs I may have a need to use.  You know, you learn what you have to in order to make your work easier.
I know many apps are available out there for all kinds of purposes, such as apps for tuning your instrument or apps for learning a particular lick on that instrument.  They even have apps that list music festivals around the world and all the activities available at each event.  A veritable feast of bluegrass information is out there with the touch of that app downloaded on your phone.  You can see why apps are getting more popular lately, particularly with the younger folk whose world has always had some kind of tech devise at their disposal.
In my opinion, Sideline has taken a big forward step in offering their band app (titled <b>Sideline bluegrass band<b>) because I did some initial research, and did <b>not<b> find another bluegrass band that is offering a “band app” such as they have.  And the Sideline app is free.  We like free.  The app offers info such as band bios, band news, a photo gallery of recent pics (currently posted are photos of the band on a recent cruise), tour dates with links, and chats with fans, and music singles available for download.
Yes, most of this information is available on their website but with their app it is available in a split second with one touch of the icon anywhere you are with your cell phone or iPad or tablet.  You can receive information and updates easily and quickly 24/7.  This is a perfect fan outreach tool for a band. You just touch that Sideline icon and you get to see Steve Dilling’s smiling face along with the rest of those good lookin’ Sideline fellers.
Interestingly, this app was created and developed by Chris “Shorty” Cherryholmes and Josue “Sway” Cherryholmes, both working with iMusician Apps.  Being both musicians themselves, I’m sure their expertise on this app design was paramount.  And something tells me there is some family connection with Skip Cherryholmes, the Sideline guitar wizard.  Just guessing…
So there you have it – this latest bluegrass app is yours for downloading and did I say it’s free because it is that.  Sideline is trending the newest technology that finds another way to connect the band with their fans, promoters, and others in the music world. With this new app, Sideline is cutting a new path other bands should take a closer look at.  So, those of you with those smart devises, go on over to the App Store and check out the Sideline Bluegrass band app. Fun! And the best of luck, Sideline, with your new venture!  

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