Phoebe Leigh-Suelflow

Phoebe Leigh-Suelflow is the lady with the impossibly long name. Even the family can’t agree on how it’s pronounced. She is the former owner of the Silver Bird Press, a very small book label, and was a letter press operator and typesetter. She still appreciates great fonts, and wishes today’s colophon pages included font details. She has been involved in writing, printing and editing newsletters since grade school. Her favorite was as co-editor of the UC (Berkeley) International House Intergnat newsletter with its notorious Playgnat of the Month feature.  Now that she is retired from writing briefs as a lawyer, she revels in being a not-very-good fiddle player and harassing better players to show her stuff. She started a Facebook group, The L.A. Bluegrass History Project, and invites everyone to enjoy our local history.  She also designs crossword puzzles, sews masks, prints t-shirts, and forces home-baked goodies on friends and foes alike.