August ’17 President’s Message

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How do we do it? Our relatively small (2800 member) organization has produced multiple events attended by thousands in the last month. We do it by the direction of our annually elected Board of Directors, the work of our regional activities coordinators, our year-round volunteer coordinators and by interested and willing to work volunteers. We should pat ourselves on the back and also ask ourselves how to get more people volunteering and then everyone in our communities would know about bluegrass and old time music and our Association. Our events are also FUN.

From mid-June to mid-July we were especially busy introducing our music to the public. We produced two music camps in Grass Valley, put on a world class
festival, marched in a parade attended by a million people, won second place in a smaller community parade and found time to make money for the CBA Youth Program scholarship fund by hosting a concert. Oh yes, we are also organizing an annual trip to the International Bluegrass Music Association convention in Raleigh in September and getting ready for our annual election and membership meeting.
The next big event for the CBA is our Annual Old Time Music Campout in Sonoma County. This event has been produced by Board Member Steve Goldfield and is a weekend dedicated to making music and socializing with friends. This is a low key musical event for all old time music aficionados and pickers. Steve has relocated it to a shady camping area near Lake Sonoma and I recommend it. Heck, pitch a tent
and spend the day at Lake Sonoma or the Russian River or touring wineries or touring the countryside and relax at night listening to music being played. Anyone can attend. Bring the kids.

Next month all our candidates for Board positions will be posted. All candidates must have submitted a petition to run by AUGUST 1. Voting will begin by posted dates and this election is always important so please do your research and vote. Three current Board Members are retiring: Chairman Ted Edes, Entertainment Director Jim Ingram and Old Time Music Coordinator Steve Goldfield. All three have made enormous contributions to the Association and all three have reached an age where they are moving aside to let others govern. All three will continue to volunteer but not at the high level of previous years. Thank them the next time you see them at an event.

There are some big shoes available to fill.  Vaughn and Glenda Lew have been our campout directors for the last few years and they are going to retire after the Fall Campout. If you are interested in volunteering for this important role contact Board Members Geoff Sargent or David Brace. We have a “formula” for these events so the person(s) stepping up do not have to create events from scratch. Our week long campouts are held spring and fall and are extremely popular and well attended. We are actively looking for Glenda and Vaughn’s replacements so think about this seriously and they can mentor you at the Fall Campout in Lodi. Please remember to thank the Lews when you attend the Lodi event, their last event.
We can only serve when we have an active membership. I personally know many people who have let their membership lapse (or who have never been members) and I urge you to join the Association. Joining or renewing is easy to do online at our website www. We have inexpensive dues ($25 single/$30 couple) and we count on you to keep your membership active. We count on your dues. We show our “reach” to our advertisers. If you attend our events, please please please renew or join the CBA.

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