Bakersfield of Dreams

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A tumbleweed blows across Buck Owens Blvd…

Lonely oil pumping stations creak and squeak in vacant lots and front yards
A broken guitar string lies in a parking lot next to some cigarette butts…
Oh, it’s quiet now, but soon this “little” town (actually almost 400,000 people live in its sprawling environs) will be teeming with bluegrass pickers, because it’s THAT time of the year – the Great 48 Jam!
This event sprang from the ashes of the Supergrass festival, and it’s been wildly successful since. More than even a bluegrass festival, it is the embodiment of the spirit of bluegrass. Bluegrass, as a music of the people, has always been about jamming – folks getting together and enjoying a shared love for this wonderful vernacular music genre.
Like any success, the event has tried to bust its seams, and often features activities that seek to offer respite from those who just can’t ONLY jam for 48 hours. These can be fun diversions, but they are diversions – the real reason for the event is in the name: JAMMING!
Bakersfield has grown up from its humble beginnings, and while its Chamber of Commerce might prefer we all notice how it’s become a legitimate central valley Petropolis (I made up that word), it still retains that old “Nashville West” vibe and that adds to the enjoyment of the Great 48 Jam.
So, enjoy the peace and quiet now, Bakersfield. The CBA is coming for you, and we’re bringing banjos, guitars, fiddle, basses, mandolins and dobros and who knows what else. You will not be a sleepy town for the rest of the week!

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